ⓘ .gr


ⓘ .gr

.gr is the country code top-level domain for Greece. Registrations are processed via accredited registrars and domain names in Greek characters may also be registered.


1. Second level domains

There are eight official second level domains:

  • mod.gr: Ministry of Defence
  • com.gr: for those engaging in commercial activities.
  • gov.gr: exclusively for governmental organizations.
  • net.gr: Internet Service Providers ISPs and network providers.
  • org.gr: non-profit organizations.
  • sch.gr: local education authorities, schools, primary and secondary education, community education.
  • mil.gr: exclusively for military purposes.
  • edu.gr: for educational institutions.

There are some other not official second level domains that belong to registrars offering third level domain name registrations.

  • co.gr: for commercial use extremely rare use.

2. Alternative top domain

Greece applied for the internationalized country code top-level domain IDN ccTLD.ελ.ΕΛ in capital letters for domain names composed of letters of the Greek alphabet. This was turned down by ICANN in April 2011 because it was too similar visually to.EA in Latin letters should ICANN ever implement such a TLD EA is an exceptionally reserved ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 code element for Ceuta & Melilla.

In 2014 ICANN decided to allow Greece to have the domain.ελ. In October 2015 the right to this top domain was handed over to Greece. The top-level domain became operational on the Internet on 10 July 2018.

The first three months, domains already held under.gr as they are in latin or greek letters or transcribed into greek can be obtained for.ελ only by the holder of that.gr domain. After three months October 2018 these restrictions cease to exist.

There is also Greek or EU plan to use the domain.ευ for the European Union. It has also been turned down because it is too visually similar to.eu, the European Union domain.

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