ⓘ .tr


ⓘ .tr

.tr is the Internet country code top-level domain for Turkey. It is administered by NIC.TR Computer Center and Turkey Internet Society.nc.tr and.ct.tr are used as second-level domains for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is a self declared state and not recognised by the United Nations, and as such has no country code assigned.


1. Statistics

As of March 2017, around 15.53% of all the.tr domains were served via secured HTTPS protocol, with the Lets Encrypt Authority X3 being the most popular SSL certificate. Microsoft-IIS is the most popular web server, serving 35.31% of the.tr domains, followed by Apache serving 35.14% of the total.tr domains.


2. Second-level domains

nic.tr, the official registrys domain, and tsk.tr, the official website of the Turkish Armed Forces TAF, are the only second-level domains under this TLD, other second-level domains are prohibited.