ⓘ Hopkins, Missouri


ⓘ Hopkins, Missouri

Hopkins was laid out in 1870. The community has the name of A.L. Hopkins of the Kansas City, St. Joseph and Council Bluffs Railroad. The railroad later became the Chicago, Burlington and Quincy and finally the Burlington Northern before tracks were remove in 1983. A post office called Hopkins has been in operation since 1871.

Occult writer Grant Wallace was born in Hopkins in 1867.

Tornado in 1881, Hopkins is considered one of the first recorded F5 tornado.

Sunday afternoon November 16, 1952, Hopkins was struck by a tornado, which was badly damaged in the city. Mary Jane Truman, sister of Harry S. Truman and has appeared in public almost to the day a year earlier. She contacted her brother, who was on the yacht. Hopkins was the first city in the United States under 1.000 people to receive Federal disaster relief. The government has written to the community of $10.000, which was put under the control of the Wren Peve, a local businessman. Mr. Peve kept accurate records of expenses and when all requirements are met, it turned out that there was a surplus. Peve then wrote a check and sent the surplus back to Washington. In the clean-up took under the leadership of Landon Wallace, a local Ford seller and fire chief Hopkins. Within three weeks of purification, most of the second floor of a building in the city centre were removed on his orders.

In the first half of the 20th century ranch del Rayo, which was, at least 3.900 acres argued that the largest Hereford ranch in Missouri.

In September 1933, the highway patrol Missouri cornered and killed by Harold B. Thornbrugh Kansas outlaw, who at the time lived in new market, Iowa. Thornbrugh was wanted for Bank and postal robbery and murder of a police officer of Omaha, Otto Peterson and the attempted murder of Frankin County, Kansas Sheriff William Wantland. DAY Harold Thornbrugh was killed in Hopkins, his brother Cecil was standing in front of a judge Hopkins University in Kansas on the same charges that were filed against Harold. One officer was seriously wounded in the head during the firefight.

During world war II Hopkins in the town of less than 1.000 at the time, has lost fourteen people. This included two brothers Charles and George Russell who died in April 1945, within twenty-four hours. Charles drowned in the Pacific ocean and George was accidentally shot in Germany while guarding prisoners of war. Carl Melvin went down with the USS Indianapolis, and Charles the gun was killed at Tarawa during operation of the landing ship. In other conflicts, Glenn Ulmer died in the First world war, the American Legion post is named in his honor and Gary cross died in Vietnam. Hopkins suffered no cases of death in Korea.

Hopkins was the last house jockey Clive Dixon and his wife, Betty June, who trained and owned a national champion Appaloosa show two-eyed Sioux.

Every year the town celebrates the Hopkins picnic the second weekend in July. It was an annual celebration since 1888.

The last Electromechanical switch phone in the US was located in North Hopkins, Iowa, served in Co Hopkins. This parameter is converted to digital from 15 September 1999.

  • Hopkins Township is a township in Nodaway County, in the U.S. state of Missouri Hopkins Township most likely took its name from the community of Hopkins
  • 143 km east west highway in extreme northern Missouri The western terminus is at Route 148 in Hopkins The route travels eastward to supplemental Route
  • William Hopkins October 31, 1897 October 14, 1968 was a Republican U.S. Representative from Missouri born in Troy, Doniphan County, Kansas. Hopkins moved
  • 14, 1933, Route 148 then Route 27 north of Hopkins was the scene of a gun fight between the Missouri Highway Patrol and Harold B. Thornbrugh, a Kansas
  • Hopkins Missouri serving grades 6 - 12. Missouri School Directory Nodaway County Education in Missouri List of colleges and universities in Missouri
  • bodhran David W. Hopkins 1897 1968 U.S. Representative from Missouri David Hopkins cricketer born 1957 former English cricketer David Hopkin born
  • States: Hopkins California was the name of Soda Springs, Nevada County, California Hopkins Michigan Hopkins Minnesota Hopkins Missouri Hopkins South
  • parts of Kansas and Missouri One of the strongest tornadoes in the outbreak was an F4 - possibly an F5 - that hit near Hopkins Missouri in Nodaway County
  • District Court for the District of Kansas. Born in Jefferson City, Missouri Hopkins received a Bachelor of Laws from Northwestern University Pritzker
  • Stadium in Columbia, Missouri The team s leading scorers were Loyd Brinkman and Robert Hopkins each with 30 points. 1944 Missouri Tigers Schedule and
  • westward on an orphan train where he was adopted in Hopkins Missouri in Nodaway County, Missouri He would be called the orphan boy mayor. Jost graduated
  • is at the Missouri border southwest of Bedford and just northeast of Hopkins Missouri The highway continues south into Missouri as Missouri Route 148