ⓘ Doddsville, Mississippi


ⓘ Doddsville, Mississippi

Daniel Doddsman Sr. and his eldest son, Daniel Jr. were early settlers who hauled logs in the area in 1888, and purchased 107 acres 43 ha of land where the town now stands in 1891. Oliver Eastland, grandfather of U.S. Senator James Eastland, bought a large tract of land near Doddsville in the 1880s, and his son Woods Eastland used black labor to clear the land to create a 2.300 acres 930 ha plantation.

There was landing called "standing stump" West of Doddsville on the Bank of the sunflower river. When the river level rose in the spring, boats from Vicksburg will be to follow the river Yazoo, and then sunflower river as far as standing stump, where a post office.

When the Yazoo Delta railroad was completed in 1897, was a warehouse located in the town and is named "Doddsville", after the Dodds brothers. By 1898, Doddsville had five stores and a wholesale company the sunflower was founded.

In 1904, Luther holbert farm, African-American, allegedly shot dead white plantation owner James Eastlands uncle, the future Senator James Eastland, after Eastman was facing farm holbertin his cabin. Eastmans death received national attention. Within a few days, the white gang captured farm holbertand his wife, after which the couple were tortured with large corkscrews, had their fingers and ears cut off to distribute to onlookers, and were burned to death, tied to a tree. In Holberts gruesome murder was inspired by Bo Carters 1936 Blues hit all around man, with its references to "butcher-man", "Portada", "Grindin", and "bore your hole till the auger-man comes".

Doddsville was registered in 1920 and by 1922 the population was estimated at between 400 and 500. There was a hotel and rooming house, two pharmacies with licensed pharmacists, two Chinese grocery stores, cafes, clothes shop, school, two churches, a Womens club, four doctors and five passenger trains a day. City hall was located inside the Doddsville Land and Mercantile company store.

The prison was built in 1952, and the city water system installed in 1963.

In 1962, civil rights worker Charles McLaurin was in the County of sunflower attempting to register black voters. In his report, the student nonviolent coordinating Committee, he wrote that he was Doddsville place:

Where many years ago the burning of Negroes was a Sunday spectacle where a white, young and old delighted at this evil which killed the spirit of the old Negroes and select stage place-retention of young not yet born.

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