ⓘ Unidade por Narón


ⓘ Unidade por Naron

Unidade por Naron is a municipal, independent, galician nationalist and progresist political party.

It has its roots in Sant Cugat del-placed Socialist party of Galega orientalis, and later in galegov Unidade. After the Unidade Galega joined BNG, mayor of Narón Xoan Gato and his ruling team in the municipality of Narón, dissatisfied with the decision of the party split and established a Unidade por Narón. The party governs in coalition with UNITA placed with BNG 95-99 99-03, and in 2003 they reached 13 councillors out of 21, so they began to rule alone.

Late 2005 they joined Terra Galega, being a founder member, and in Galicia the municipal elections of 2007 they got 10 tips for Naron.

  • Democratico Independente CDI Iniciativa Galega, Coalicion Galega, Unidade por Naron and other local political forces that have elected 4 mayors and 64