ⓘ Jackson Zoo


ⓘ Jackson Zoo

The Jackson Zoo is located in Jackson, Mississippi. The Jackson Zoo has attracted people from across the state and beyond for more than 90 years. The zoo boasts an animal collection representing over 200 species and nearly 380 individual animals that provide glimpses of native wildlife from around the world.

The Jackson zoo is located in the historic 110-acre 0.45 km 2 Livingston Park and welcomes approximately 112.000 visitors annually from Mississippi and neighboring States. 20.000 students make their way to the zoo throughout the school year.

Guests can also enjoy snacks from the café elephant, a souvenir to buy merchandise from the Jackson zoo trading company. Picnics are permitted in Livingston Park and ride on the carousel endangered species or train. A splash pad open during the summer.

The Jackson zoo is the second largest zoo in the state for the 175-acre 0.71 km 2 Park and zoo Tupelo Buffalo) and is the only zoo accredited zoo and Aquarium Association Zaa in the state.

  • opened on 18 May 1963 by the wildlife enthusiast and naturalist Robert Jackson The zoo covers an area of 37 acres 15 ha After the Zoological Society of
  • seller list. A sequel, Zoo 2, by Patterson and Max DiLallo, was released 7 June 2016 as a short story. The novel centers on Jackson Oz, who is an outcast
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