ⓘ 1970 United States Senate elections


ⓘ 1970 United States Senate election in Wisconsin

The 1970 United States Senate elections was an election for the United States Senate, taking place in the middle of Richard Nixons first term as President. The Democrats lost a net of three seats, while the Republicans and the Conservative Party of New York picked up one net seat each, and former Democrat Harry F. Byrd Jr. was re-elected as an independent.

This is the last election in which a third party won a seat in the Senate until 2006.

It was the last election, at least until 2018, when the representative of a different political party than the Democrats or the Republicans have won one or more seats in the house not counting independents, members of the party. It was the last mid-term election until the election of 2018 where the sitting party presidents at the same time experienced a net profit in the Senate and net losses in the house.