ⓘ Sutton, Massachusetts


ⓘ Sutton, Massachusetts

A Nipmuc, John Wampas, visited England in the 1600s and deeded land in the Sutton area to Edward Pratt. Pratt sold interests in this land to others, and competing claims among them and the Nipmucs led to a General Court case in Massachusetts in 1704, which granted Pratt and his fellow proprietors an eight-mile-square section of land, which is now Sutton.

Three families were the first to settle in the land that Benjamin Marsh, Elisha Johnson and Nathaniel Johnson. Brothers Samuel and Daniel Carriel also took the Family March quarters. "Great snow" of 1717 completely buried their cabins. Friendly India found in the cabin, the Johnson family only after seeing the smoke from the chimney coming up out of the snow. In India saved a family, and how Mrs. Johnson recalled: "no voice ever sounded so sweet that Indian down the chimney." Marsh served as official, town moderator and in various other responsible positions in the city have become established. Benjamin Marsh founded cities Baptist Church, the fourth oldest Baptist Church in Massachusetts. He served as an elder of the Church, and the pastor from 1737 until his death in 1775. They settled on a property in the area called Manchaug, near Marble village. It is home of one of the oldest schools in America from the 18th century, according to the Worcester telegram & newsletter.

In 1735 Hassananmisco and a small part of the North-Eastern part of the territory of the village of Sutton was incorporated as a city in Grafton. Milbury was separated from Sutton in 1813. In the early days, Millbury was called North parish. Another name for zone - "pleasant valley," now known due to the Golf course of the same name in Sutton.

Through the 18th and 19th centuries, Sutton was a town that enjoyed both agricultural and industrial benefits. Farms and orchards in the area did very well, as did the three large mills that were built in the Manchaug area.

The city is part of the historic Blackstone river valley national heritage corridor and has several of their sites.

  • The West Sutton Historic District encompasses the rural southwestern section of Sutton Massachusetts including the rural village of West Sutton which
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  • inhabitants of the Northern Parish petitioned the Massachusetts General Court to split the town of Sutton into two separate towns. The North Parish became
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  • 250 mi northwest of Boston, Massachusetts and 90 kilometres 56 mi west of Sherbrooke. Sutton is also close to Mont Sutton which has an altitude of 968