ⓘ Frankfort, Maine


ⓘ Frankfort, Maine

Frankfort is the oldest town on the Penobscot River, first settled in the 1760s by Massachusetts soldiers from nearby Fort Pownall. With the end of the French and Indian War, the Penobscot Valley became part of New England, and more specifically Massachusetts, leading to the first cautious encroachments by English-speaking settlers on the lands of the Penobscot Indians. This process, which would begin in Frankfort, would end with the founding of Bangor, Brewer, Orono, Old Town and other inland settlements, and the eventual restriction of the Penobscot people to their major village at "Indian Old Town", or the present Penobscot Indian Reservation.

Todays Frankfurt is only a small part of the original town, which contained the present town of Frankfort, with winterport, Stockton springs, and prospect. Ft. Thus pownall was in Frankfurt and in the cities of major village was what is now winterport with. Frankfurt was the logical place for settlement not only because the island Verona commanded the approach up the river but as the river above the town froze during the winter, making this the last ice-free port as one ascended - hence the name "winterport with".

One of the first settlers was Lieutenant Joshua treat 1729-1802, the armorer on ft. Pownall, whose brother was one of the first settlers in Bangor.

The British fleet anchored Frankfort in 1814 on his way to sack Bangor and Hampden. The British confiscated provisions from the city and took a ship. The city suffered greatly during the war of 1812, the British blockade destroyed the coasting trade on which it depended.

In the 19th century an important granite quarry was opened in Frankfurt, and the shipbuilding industry also flourished. A village of winterport in the end broke away, but the form of his own city.

  • community Frankfort Indiana Frankfort Kansas Frankfort Kentucky, the state capital and best - known U.S. city with this name Frankfort Maine Frankfort Michigan
  • The Frankfort Dam impounds Marsh Stream near the center of Frankfort Maine Built in 1905 out of granite probably quarried at the nearby Mount Waldo
  • a Maine legislator who served as the eighth Governor of Maine for 34 days in 1830. Hall, a Methodist minister in Frankfort was elected to the Maine Senate
  • the United States. He was born in Frankfort Maine the son of Henry Treat and the grandson of Col. Ezra Treat of Maine He was descended from Robert Treat
  • 1798 February 4, 1894 was a member of the Maine House of Representatives. Treat was born in Frankfort Maine on December 29, 1798. He was a descendant
  • under the name Frankfort by French and German Huguenots, who were part of the first wave of French speaking immigrants to arrive in Maine but were distinguished
  • Belfast city 4, 615 Winterport 1, 623 Searsport 1, 349 Lincolnville 1, 223 Frankfort 1, 211 Montville 982 Monroe 958 Searsmont 949 Islesboro 923 Unity 877 Stockton
  • town in Waldo County, Maine United States. The population was 3, 757 at the 2010 census. First settled in 1766 as part of Frankfort it was set off and
  • Searsport and Frankfort Approximately 350 houses line the shore of the lake. Swan Lake State Park is on the north shore. List of lakes in Maine Swan Lake
  • River is a 1.0 - mile - long 1.6 km tidal river in the town of Frankfort Waldo County, Maine It is a tributary of Marsh Bay, an arm of the tidal Penobscot
  • mountain about 1, 060 feet 320 m high in Waldo County, Maine It is located in the town of Frankfort Mt. Waldo granite was once the stock in trade of a
  • an investment banker in New York. McKay was born in 1887 in either Frankfort Maine or Paris, France. He was the son of Gordon McKay and Baroness Marion