ⓘ Medford, Maine


ⓘ Medford, Maine

In 1808 James Grover was the first white settler in what is now Medford. In 1820, the state opened a road from the Piscataquis River, which helped increase settlement.

In 1820 John Boyd Parker, owner of the Eastern part of the town, erected a combination sawmill and shingle mill on the Piscataquis river. In 1824 the town incorporated as Kilmarnock, the name chosen Boyd.

In 1825 fire destroyed over three quarters of the buildings in the city, as well as a large stand of pine trees used to supply the sawmill and shingle mill. The plant was saved, but later closed because the burning of the nearby trees had deprived the business of a steady supply of wood.

The inhabitants of Kilmarnock petitioned to change the name of the city of Medford in 1856. The city surrendered its Charter in 1940, and was organized as a plantation in 1942. In 1967 Medford was again organized as a town.

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  • One source speculates Medford is named after Medford Maine U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System: Medford Indiana Kemper, General
  • Census, Medford s population was 56, 173. It is home to Tufts University, which has its campus along the Medford and Somerville border. In 2017, Medford s population
  • per second. The third is in Medford Maine 45 15 40 N 68 52 07 W 45.26111 N 68.86861 W 45.26111 - 68.86861 Medford river gauge where the rivershed
  • West Medford is an MBTA Commuter Rail station in Medford Massachusetts. It serves the Lowell Line, and is located at West Medford Square. When the original
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  • early settler of nearby Orono who built a road between that town and Medford Maine in 1826 which ran through what is now Edinburg. The town was incorporated
  • stained glass window by John LaFarge. It is located at 160 High Street, Medford Massachusetts and now listed on the National Register of Historic Places
  • fell within this interim period when Medford was technically, if only briefly, an unorganized township. United States Census Piscataquis County, Maine