ⓘ Levant, Maine


ⓘ Levant, Maine

Originally called "Kenduskeag Plantation", the town was founded in 1802 by Maj. Moses Hodsden who built three houses, a sawmill, a grist-mill, a store, and a blacksmith shop in what is now the village of Kenduskeag. At the time, these were likely the only framed buildings between Bangor and the Kennebec River. In 1813 the plantation became a town, and was given the name Levant, which is that part of the Middle East which borders the Mediterranean.

In 1852, the village of Kenduskeag broke away from the rest of Levant and took part of the neighboring town of Glenburn in the form of the modern city of Kenduskeag. Before the break the town had 1.841 inhabitants.

In early 1824, Levant Congregational Minister John Bowie all Dods claimed that he was visited by a spirit, and his house subsequently became the site of poltergeist activity. May have been hundreds of curious people said to have visited and witnessed these events. All Dods became a universalist in 1826, and moved to nearby Union, although he continued to preach in Levant. He later moved to Massachusetts and became a psychologist, publishing the philosophy of electrical psychology in 1850, and lecturing widely. In 1856, he turned to spiritualism and became a leading figure in this religion in new York.

One of the recent tarring and feathering episodes in Maine took place in the Levant in 1899, the victim being an Evangelical Minister named George Higgins of the disciples of the Holy spirit, whose headquarters was in Shiloh temple in Durham, Maine, and whose spiritual leader was Frank Sandford. Higgins made about 15 converts in the Levant, and encourage them to turn over all their property on Sandford and go live in a Church in Durham. After one of the members committed suicide and Higgins said to the other to whip a small child because he was possessed by a demon, by two magistrates ordered him to leave the city. When he refused, the crowd attacked him, covered him with hot tar and feathers, and went with him on the railroad a few miles to the city, some following in the carriage. The area in town where a lot of "Higginsites" Lived was known as "Higginsville" at the end of the 1930-ies.

  • eastern Spain Levant Kansas, an unincorporated community in Thomas County, Kansas, USA Levant Maine a town in Penobscot County, Maine USA Islamic State
  • 49th Governor of Maine William Thomas Haines was born in Levant Maine on August 7, 1854. As an undergraduate at the University of Maine he founded the
  • entering the town of Levant SR 222 turns sharply to the southeast at West Levant After passing through the town center of Levant the road clips the
  • tarring and feathering and riding the rail. The incident occurred in Levant Maine just outside Bangor in 1899, and resulted in the trial of 29 members
  • Born in Levant Maine he was a wholesale grocer in Bangor, Maine when the war broke out in 1861. Varney enlisted as a major in the 2nd Maine Volunteer
  • builder who made his career in Seattle. Gilman was born in Levant Maine the son of Maine legislator Henry Gilman and his wife Mary nee Twombly Gilman
  • Penobscot County is a county in the U.S. state of Maine As of the 2010 census, the population was 153, 923. Its county seat is Bangor. The county was
  • The Maine House of Representatives is the lower house of the Maine Legislature. The House consists of 151 members excluding three nonvoting members representing
  • Cyane and HMS Levant was an action which took place at the end of the Anglo - American War of 1812. The British warships HMS Cyane and HMS Levant fought USS Constitution
  • Christian D. Greeley is a former representative in the Maine state legislature. He is a Republican. He represented District 22 in the House of Representatives