ⓘ Kenduskeag, Maine


ⓘ Kenduskeag, Maine

As of the census of 2010, there were 1.348 people, 562 households, and 373 families living in the town. The population density was 80.5 inhabitants per square mile 31.1/km 2. There were 600 housing units at an average density of 35.8 per square mile 13.8/km 2. The racial makeup of the town was 97.4% White, 0.1% African American, 0.6% Native American, 0.6% Asian, 0.4% from other races, and 0.9% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 1.0% of the population.

As of the 2000 census, was 1.171 people, 470 households, and 329 families living in the city. The average density of the population was 69.8 people per square kilometer 26.9 / km2. There were 509 housing units at an average density of 30.3 per square mile 11.7 / km2. The racial composition of the city was 97.01% White, 0.34% African American, 0.51% - native American, 0.26% from other races, and 1.88% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 0.34% of the population.

There were 470 families, which is 31.1% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 56.2% were married couples living together, 9.4% of households women lived without husbands, and 29.8% were not families. 20.9% of all households were made up of individuals and 6.6% who were 65 years of age or older. Average household size amounted to 2.49 and the average family size was 2.87.

In the city the population was spread out with 21.9% under the age of 18, 9.1% from 18 to 24, 32.2% from 25 to 44, 26.7 percent from 45 to 64 years, and 10.1% Who were 65 years or older. The average age was 39 years. For every 100 females were 97.8 males. For every 100 females aged 18 years and older accounted for 95.7 males.

The median income for a household in the city was $34.632, and the median income per family-36.779$. Males had a median income of $27.404, compared to $20.556 for women. The income per capita in the city was $15.815. About 9.1% of families and 8.9% of the population were below the poverty line, including 12.1 percent of them under the age of 18 and 8.7% are age 65 and older.

  • Kenduskeag Stream is a 36.2 - mile 58.3 km stream in the U.S. state of Maine It is a tributary of the Penobscot River. The stream rises at the outlet
  • ballot as an independent. Slagger grew up in Aroostook County, Maine and lives in Kenduskeag in Penobscot County with his wife a Mi kmaq and their three
  • December 31, 1951 was an American politician and businessman. Born in Kenduskeag Maine Elder moved with his parents to Kansas. Elder was a businessman in
  • town in Penobscot County, Maine United States. The population was 2, 851 at the 2010 census. Originally called Kenduskeag Plantation the town was founded
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  • The Godfrey - Kellogg House is a historic house at 212 Kenduskeag Road in Bangor, Maine USA. Built in about 1847, it is one of the state s finest and least - altered
  • dams north of Bangor. The Kenduskeag Stream Canoe Race, a white - water event which begins just north of Bangor in Kenduskeag has been held since 1965
  • year. Judge McCully was married on May 26, 1866, to Ellen Harvey, of Kenduskeag Maine who survived him, with an adopted child. This article incorporates
  • across Kenduskeag Stream in the southern part of the rural community. It was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970. Kenduskeag Stream
  • crossing Kenduskeag Stream departing or arriving from the Bangor and Aroostook or from the Maine Central Portland Division to the Boston and Maine Railroad
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  • incorporated in 1834, the junction of Main and Broad Streets, just west of Kenduskeag Stream, was already known as Market Square and was the site of an open - air