ⓘ Hare Lift


ⓘ Hare Lift

Hare Lift is an animated Looney Tunes short starring Bugs Bunny and Yosemite Sam. It was released in theaters on December 20, 1952. The title is a play on the term "air lift," as expressed in the plotline.


1. Plot

A newspaper announces the test flight of the worlds biggest airplane. The plane lands at an airport, its giant wheel covering Bugs Bunnys hole. Bugs struggles out and, impressed by the plane, decides to take a look inside. Meanwhile, in town, Yosemite Sam robs the Last National Bank "and keep a-reachin for the ceilin- till ya REACH it!!" then wipes off the assets, which read $4.562.321.08 the amount he stole is equal to $43.925.203 today, down to 8 cents. He hears the police approach and drives off to the airport, with plans to hijack a plane and take refuge in another country where the cops cannot find him.

Inside the plane, Bugs has started to pretend he is a World War II pilot, and when Sam boards, he assumes Bugs is the pilot and orders him to take off at once. Before Bugs can protest, Sam threatens to shoot him. Bugs succeeds in finding the ignition button, and the plane sets off down the runway and flies over a busy traffic intersection.

Racing toward a skyscraper, Bugs pulls the plane up into outer space, sending Sam falling to the planes tail. When it seems as if the plane is about to crash into the Moon, Bugs steers the plane back down toward Earth, sending Sam falling to the planes nose. As Sam threatens to have Bugs license revoked, he discovers the rabbit reading a flying manual. Noticing the Earth growing larger in the window and worrying that they might fatally crash to the ground if Bugs does not do something quick, Sam orders Bugs to read faster, or else. Bugs, however, refuses to read any further in the manual because of Sams mean talk and orders him to apologize. Sam slaps himself in the head. The United States appears in the window; Sam apologizes to Bugs, but not without insulting him. Bugs then orders Sam to "say Try next Wednesday.") Burning with anger, Sam bursts back in and threatens to blow Bugs to Kingdom Come. Since Sam happens to be standing on the bomb bay doors, Bugs pulls a cord and sends Sam falling out of the plane. Sam panics mid-air and scrambles back into the plane.

Fed up with Bugs flying, Sam orders Bugs to turn the controls over to him. Instead, Bugs breaks off the control column and tosses it out of the plane, causing the aircraft to descend. Afraid of crashing, Sam activates the robot pilot. The pilot comes out, assesses the situation, concludes it is hopeless, takes one of the two parachutes from the parachute locker, and jumps out of the plane itself.

With just one parachute left, Bugs decides he and Sam should draw straws to see who gets it. Sam suggests that Bugs should draw the straws, then quickly grabs the parachute and his bag of stolen money. Sam jumps out, opens the parachute, and, while shouting at Bugs "So long, sucker! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Ha-ha.Hoo-hoo.Hoo-hoo. Wooooh.", the trailing off "hoos" and "wooohs" come when he lands with the banks bag of stolen money in his hands into a conveniently arriving police car full of officers and got busted. Bugs manages to stop the plane in midair just a few feet from the ground by pulling a lever an ending reminiscent of that of Falling Hare. He is just thankful the plane comes with "air brakes" a play on a different type of "air brakes".

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