ⓘ Mr. Harvey Lights a Candle


ⓘ Mr. Harvey Lights a Candle

Mr. Harvey Lights a Candle tells the story of a school outing, with a bunch of uncontrollable fifth-formers and three teachers from a London comprehensive school, to Salisbury Cathedral. The children show no interest in the purpose of the trip, and are even indifferent towards a view of Stonehenge which they pass on the way: "a boring pile of stones. perhaps we could sell it". The pupils even get more excited by all the things on offer at a motorway service station they stop at on the way.

The teacher for the trip, a plump, middle-aged and reticent Mr. Harvey Timothy spall, preparing information sheets about the Cathedral for the pupils, but two other teachers see much point in the trip. A lot of children is a cross-section of multicultural London. Two outsiders of the Muslim boy Mo, played by Joshua Malin and quite-vain girl Elena, played by Natalie press, who turns out to be a little self-esteem, allowing the boys to have sex with her and causing yourself bodily harm, cutting.

It turns out that Mr. Harvey organized the trip to coincide with the 21st anniversary of his last trip to the Cathedral, in the day when he proposed to the woman who became his wife. He carries in his wallet a worn photo of the very moment when they got engaged. One of the guys steals his wallet. Helen takes a photograph from his wallet, fake photo and passes it around the coach for other students to see for their entertainment. Mr. Harvey suspects that one of the students stole a purse, but I dont know who confronts Helen, grabbing her and revealing her cut wrist.

When the group finally arrived at the Salisbury Cathedral, and the disciples went coach, Mr. Harvey finds a photo is now ruined. He is beside himself with grief and rage. But, once inside the Cathedral, instead of the expected a tour of the building, Mr. Harvey tells the disciples about how his wife committed suicide a year after they were married.

The disciples were silent, according to his story: he came to terms with their past while traveling, as well as his colleagues and pupils about events that had a profound influence on his life.

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  • BBC television drama Mr Harvey Lights a Candle In 2006, Press starred in Josh Appignanesi s feature film Song of Songs, which won a commendation in the
  • Radio 4 s Short Story. His first commission for television - Mr Harvey Lights a Candle - was broadcast in 2005 on BBC1 and starred Timothy Spall. He
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  • the 2005 BBC drama Mr Harvey Lights a Candle playing the role of a morose coach driver who takes an unruly party of pupils on a trip to Salisbury Cathedral
  • 2005 BBC television drama Mr Harvey Lights a Candle playing the part of a teacher taking an unruly party of pupils on a day - trip to Salisbury Cathedral
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  • the UK he scored Mr Harvey Lights a Candle for BBC Films, and the BAFTA nominated The Queen s Sister for Channel 4. He has also become a guest presenter