ⓘ Nagpada


ⓘ Nagpada

Nagpada is a neighbourhood in South Mumbai.

The place got its name from the local Shiva temple, the abode of NAAG or snake wrapped around the neck of Shiv.

It has the basketball community.

In April 2018, Nagpada Junction was embellished with a 25-metre national flag along with the mural, dedicated to Bharat Ratna Abul Kalam Azad. The area was a meeting place for the pre-independence meetings and has witnessed many political movements in the period of independence.

It was designed by architect Hafiz contractor and was opened by the mayor of Mumbai Vishwanath Mahadeshwar.

  • presidency of Dr.Rafiq Zakaria, Educationist. Maharashtra college located near Nagpada Maharashtra college has become the first educational institute in south
  • cinema hall. The other surrounding areas are Mumbai Central, Byculla, Nagpada Madanpura and Mahalaxmi. Agripada also has a large number of mosques
  • educationist, social worker and politician based in Mumbai. A former MLA Nagpada 1978 MLC and a two times minister 1978, 1988 from Maharashtra. He played
  • Sadaf Manzil is the name of a four - storey residential building in Nagpada Mumbai which collapsed on 23 August 2005 killing 11 residents and leaving 24
  • Psychiatrist at Sir J.J Hospital, G. T. Hospital, Saifee Hospital and Nagpada Police Hospital. He has been instrumental in the development of the Department
  • was elected to the Vidhan Sabha five times as a representative of the Nagpada constituency in Mumbai. He also served as a state minister in Maharashtra
  • match, the team decides to celebrate the victory by visiting the Kothas of Nagpada This is where Chandu meets Rajjo who mesmerizes him with her elegant Mujra
  • Sciences in Mumbai. She was then involved with a community centre called the Nagpada Neighbourhood House. With Prema Gopalan, Patel is the founding director
  • impoverished and crime infested Muslim ghettos of South Mumbai like Dongri, Nagpada Bhendi Bazaar and Mohammad Ali Road. The Pathan Gang was involved in operating
  • basketball by an American missionary at the age of nine at the courts at Nagpada in central Mumbai. He studied at Mumbai s Antonio D Souza School and D