ⓘ Mahul


ⓘ Mahul

Mahul is a fishing village in Chembur, Mumbai, located on the eastern seafront of the Mumbai Suburban District. Since 2017, Mahul has been in news for the abhorrent conditions of its 72 building slum resettlement colony.It is a place away from Hustle and Bustle of Mumbai city

Mahul koli Mahotsav is celebrated every year on the villagers, which provides entertainment and great food for fish lovers. The deity of the community Koli Ekvira Devi. There is a village market where fresh fish is abundant. There are also food stalls managed by local women near the bus stop serving fish and seafood. The Hanuman temple is here.

There are several industrial enterprises, operated by BPCL and Tata in the area of Mahul. Best buses are available from Kurla East PP 361 and 363 and other areas of Mumbai. The Bombay port trust BPT road on the Eastern coast connects Mahul to South Mumbai and Wadala which is a good option for four vehicles to avoid the traffic.

You can also see flamingos on the coast Mahuls. Flamingos are pink birds that migrate to Mumbai during the months of October to March. Theres also a small inside Mahul village called Ambapada. From "Dhakka" in the village Mahul, people can hire fishing boats to the island of Elephanta. There is also a small police station in Mahul.

Best buses makes it easy for people to walk in places such as railway station Mumbai. line marine station, Kurla relay. The Central metro line, railway Bandra. STN.The Western line. New made East of the highway made it easier for people Mahul to go to Mumbai and Panvel and vashi. There is also the Government of the colony next to Mahul. There is also an automatic stand in Mahul, near the bus stop. Is the best depot to Mahul.