ⓘ Aredale, Iowa


ⓘ Aredale, Iowa

The town of Aredale owes its conception to cheese. The area surrounding the town had seen increasing settlement since the 1860s, and in 1890, the local dairy farmers pooled their resources to create a cheese making factory, which eventually helped the town develop enough to warrant the community its own post office and thus township rights.

The name Aredale is derived from a variation on the Pennsylvania town of Airville which several Aredale residents had emigrated. Plat was recorded June 28, 1900 in Iowa and Minnesota town site company. June 28 later was observed as field Day residents and guests of the city festival and a baseball game visited by hundreds of people from nearby towns.

Soon the city was published by a number of competing lumberyards and stockyards, and the Aredale savings and loan was constructed in 1901. In the same year, the first Methodist Church was organized, and bought the Coldwater Methodist Church building which was later moved to the city. It was destroyed by fire in 1923 and replaced by a new building.

In 1953, the disaster destroyed the garrison in the city, and no new upcoming.

In the race for mayor on November 8, 2011, the County Butler and the results of the elections office in Iowa showed that was elected senior school HAMPTON-Dumont. Jeremy Minnier, the age of 18, won with 24 votes. Incumbent mayor Virgil Homer received eight votes.

In April 2012, mayor Jeremy Minnier appeared on the show with Jay Leno. Minnier discussed life in a small town and photos. Host Leno show and guest rating Mel Gibson Minnier presented with a new sign in the city.

  • 36.87 square miles 95.5 km2 and contains one incorporated settlement, Aredale US Board on Geographic Names United States Geological Survey. 2007 - 10 - 25
  • district headquartered in Hampton, Iowa It is in Franklin and Butler counties, serving Hampton, Dumont, Hansell, and Aredale In 2018 the district entered
  • those under age 18 and 9.40 of those age 65 or over. Allison Aplington Aredale Bristow Clarksville Dumont Greene New Hartford Parkersburg Shell Rock Austinville