ⓘ Chauveau (electoral district)


ⓘ Chauveau (electoral district)

Chauveau is a provincial electoral district in the Capitale-Nationale region of Quebec, Canada. It includes portions of the Charlesbourg and La Haute-Saint-Charles boroughs of Quebec City and the eastern portion of the La Jacques-Cartier Regional County Municipality.

It was created for the 1966 election from parts of Quebec-Comte constituency.

Unlike 2001 the electoral map of 2011, it lost Saint-Gabriel-de-Valcartier in La Peltrie, and the unorganized territory of Lac-Jacques-Cartier in Charlevoix–côte-de-beaupré.

Unlike the 2011 election until 2018 card, the drive will lose part of the territory, roughly speaking, between the Rivere des Roches to the streets of George Mure in Charlesbourg.

It is named after the first Premier of Quebec, Pierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau, who was in power from 1867 to 1873.

  • France Yves Chauveau born 1945 a French retired professional football goalkeeper Chauveau electoral district Chauveau Point Pierre Chauveau Medal
  • for the 1981 election from a part of Chauveau electoral district In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, it lost Saint - Augustin - de - Desmaures
  • already have, which was taken from Chauveau electoral district General information on the provincial electoral divisions - Le Directeur general des
  • Pierre - Joseph - Olivier Chauveau May 30, 1820 April 4, 1890 born in Charlesbourg, near Quebec City, was a Canadian lawyer and politician. Chauveau was the first
  • disappeared in the 1966 election and its successor electoral district was Chauveau Pierre - Joseph - Olivier Chauveau Conservative Party 1867 1873 Pierre Garneau
  • 1973 election from parts of Chauveau and Montmorency electoral districts In the change from the 2001 to the 2011 electoral map, it lost very small amounts
  • Quebec County French: Comte de Quebec was a federal electoral district in Quebec, Canada, that was represented in the House of Commons of Canada from
  • existing Chauveau and the existing La Peltrie. Anjou was renamed Anjou Louis - Riel its territory was unchanged. This set of electoral districts will be
  • by Premier Pierre - Joseph - Olivier Chauveau The Liberal Party of Quebec formed the Official Opposition. The Chauveau government then appointed the first
  • is a Canadian journalist and politician. She represents the electoral district of Chauveau as a member of the Quebec Liberal Party. Born in Saint - Ambroise
  • election, representing the electoral district of Chauveau In the 1973 election, he shifted to the new electoral district of Charlesbourg, and was re - elected