ⓘ Workers' Party of Finland


ⓘ Workers Party of Finland

Workers Party of Finland is a left-wing political party in Finland. The STP was founded in 2006 as a successor to the Alternative League.

In the 2007 parliamentary election the party obtained 1.764 votes. The party was removed from the party register in May 2007 after left without parliamentary seats in two consecutive elections, but they re-registered the same year after collecting 5.000 signed supporter cards again.

The Workers Party of Finland was formed in Helsinki 17 September 2006. Four of the six elected party leaders were activists of the League of Communists, a 2002 split of the Communist Workers Party. Juhani Tanski was elected president of the STP.

The party has a bimonthly newspaper Kansan aani, which is shared between the organizations League of Communists, Peoples Front Against European Union EUVKr, and Work Against War and Fascism SFT.