ⓘ Eva (1962 film)


ⓘ Eva (1962 film)

Eva, released in the United Kingdom as Eve, is a 1962 Italian-French co-production drama film directed by Joseph Losey and starring Jeanne Moreau, Stanley Baker and Virna Lisi. Its screenplay is adapted from James Hadley Chases 1945 novel Eve.


1. Cast

  • Stanley Baker: Tyvian Jones
  • Checco Rissone: Pieri
  • James Villiers: Alan McCormick
  • Riccardo Garrone: Michele
  • Lisa Gastoni: The red-headed Russian
  • Enzo Fiermonte: Enzo
  • Giorgio Albertazzi: Branco Malloni
  • Virna Lisi: Francesca Ferrari
  • Jeanne Moreau: Eva Olivier

2. Production

Losey said he never would have normally chosen to make a film out of Chases novel "but I made the film mine more than anything I have ever done."

Losey said later the producers made cuts without his permission and the film was a disappointment to him.


3. Critical reception

The New York Times concluded "Mr. Losey said the producer ruined it by cutting. The rejoinder is: He didnt cut it enough"; while in a similarly unfavourable review, Dennis Schwartz opined "The story itself is the film’s main problem, because it is so unsettling and perverse. It never lets in any sunlight"; however Derek Winnert noted "Losey’s dark thriller is really rather effective and underrated, and the actors are spot on in tailor-made roles."