ⓘ Mock election


ⓘ Mock election

A mock election is an election organized for educational or transformative purposes. Often used in the creation of mock governments, like school bodies, or online communities.


1. For educational purposes

Secondary schools organize mock elections to introduce young people to the concept of elections before they have reached their voting age. The elections will give the participants an understanding of democracy, the role of government and parliament. The experience of the mock elections plays a role in stimulating future young voters to cast their ballot.

They can have real candidates or fake candidates depending on the school and what year the mock election is.


2. For change to democratic elections

As a way to introduce democratic elections in Bhutan, in preparation for the Bhutanese general election in 2008, a mock election was held on April 21, 2007 to prepare the Bhutanese for the imminent change to democracy.

  • Benjamin Haydon. The election occurred while Benjamin Haydon was in prison for the second time. He produced the picture of the Mock Election and sold it to
  • held the first National Student Parent Mock Election Through its success, the National Student Parent Mock Election became a separate nonprofit, nonpartisan
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  • 2011 federal election In the May 2011 election Mock was defeated by incumbent Conservative MP and Environment Minister, Peter Kent. Mock received the
  • George Earl Mock September 24, 1907 November 25, 2001 was labor leader and official of the Teamsters. He was interim president of the Teamsters from
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  • Fake election may refer to: A mock election held for educational purposes An election with a high degree of electoral fraud
  • The Garrat Elections were a carnival of mock elections in Surrey, England in the 18th century. The events were organized around 20 May and would see crowds
  • for president. The 2008 Mock Convention projected Hillary Clinton as the Democratic nominee for that election year. The Mock Convention was mistaken
  • Alois Mock 10 June 1934 1 June 2017 was a politician and member of the Austrian People s Party OVP He was Vice Chancellor of Austria from 1987 to
  • Election Project is a project started in 1989 that co - ordinates mock high school elections in Norway in connection with national and local elections in