ⓘ Sovetskaya Rossiya


ⓘ Sovetskaya Rossiya

For the unfinished battleship of the same name, see Sovetsky Soyuz-class battleship.

Sovetskaya Rossiya Russian: Советская Россия, Soviet Russia is a political newspaper in Russia. It kept its name after the dissolution of the Soviet Union and presently presents itself as a left independent newspaper. Its current editor is MP Valentin Chikin.

Sovetskaya Rossiya was first published on July 1, 1956. On January 1, 1974 it became the official press organ of the Supreme Soviet and Council of Ministers of the Russian SFSR. The newspaper was published six times a week; in 1975, its circulation was 2.700.000 copies. In 2007, the circulation was 300 000, the newspaper is published three times a week.

The newspaper arranged the Rossiya Tournament, an international bandy competition held every other year in Russia in 1972–1990. This tournament lives on, but since 1992 it is called the Russian Government Cup and is arranged by the Russian government instead.

The newspaper has friendly ties with the Communist Party.

During the time of the Soviet Union, Sovetskaya Rossiya was known for its opposition to Gorbachev and support for Neo-Stalinism. Notably, it published" A Word to the People,” a letter signed by, among others, three of the Gang of Eight who participated in the August Coup against others. It also published" I Cannot Forsake my Principles,” an infamous Stalinist critique of Gorbachev.