ⓘ List of Cyrillic letters

Ukrainian Ye

Ukrainian Ye is a character of the Cyrillic script. It is a separate letter in the Ukrainian alphabet, the Pannonian Rusyn alphabet, and both the Carpathian Rusyn alphabets; in all of these, it comes directly after Е. In modern Church Slavonic, it is considered a variant form of Ye. Until the mid-19th century, Є/є was also used in Serbian. Other modern Slavonic languages may use Є/є shapes instead of Е/е for decorative purposes. Then, the letter is usually referred to by the older name Yest and the descriptive name Long E. In Ukrainian, Є/є commonly represents the sound /je/ or /jɛ/ like t ...

Yi (Cyrillic)

Yi is a letter of the Cyrillic script. Yi is derived from the Greek letter iota with diaeresis. It was the initial variant of the Cyrillic letter Іі, which saw change from two dots to one in 18th century, possibly inspired by similar Latin letter i. Later two variants of the letter separated to become distinct letters in the Ukrainian alphabet. It is used in the Ukrainian alphabet, the Pannonian Rusyn alphabet, and the Presov Rusyn alphabet of Slovakia, where it represents the iotated vowel sound /ji, like the pronunciation of ⟨yea⟩ in yea st". As the historical variant of the Cyrillic Іі ...

O (Cyrillic)

O is a letter of the Cyrillic script. O commonly represents the close-mid back rounded vowel /o, like the pronunciation of ⟨o⟩ in Scottish English "go".


ⓘ List of Cyrillic letters

Variants of Cyrillic are used by the writing systems of many languages, especially languages used in the former Soviet Union. The tables below list the Cyrillic letters in use in various modern languages and show the primary sounds they represent in them. Letter forms with a combined diacritic which are not considered separate letters in any language are excluded from the tables, with the exception of ѐ and ѝ. The highlighted letters are those of the basic Cyrillic alphabet; archaic letters no longer in use in any language today are not listed.

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