The BMW VI was a water-cooled aircraft V-12 engine, built in Germany in the 1920-ies. It was one of the most important German Aero engines in the years leading up to world war II, with thousands of reason. It was further developed as VII and IX BMW although they saw much less use. In addition, it was produced in the USSR as M-17 and Japans Kawasaki ha-9.


1. Design and development. (Проектирование и разработка)

The BMW VI was the first twelve-cylinder engine built by BMW. It is, in fact, consisted of two cylinders of the six-cylinder BMW IZH bolted to a common aluminum die-cast crankcase, a 60-degree angle between the cylinder banks. Serial production began in 1926, after type approval had been issued. Since 1930, after 1000 engines from BMW VI type had already been delivered, Germany was again allowed to build military aircraft. Unexpected additional demand as a result, the production volume is growing rapidly. In 1933, the BMW VI was used for BMWs first experiments with direct fuel injection.

The BMW VI was the chosen source of power for numerous record-breaking and long-distance flights in the direction from East to West crossing of the Atlantic in 1930, and round-the-world flight in 1932 as Wolfgang von Gronau in an open Dornier Wal flying boat powered by two BMW VI engines.

The BMW VI was put to unusual use as a power unit for the "rail Zeppelin" high-speed cars. Many versions of the BMW VI engine were developed, and it was built under license in Japan and the USSR. This is another indication of the reliability of the engine from BMW, made a fundamental contribution to the buildup of German air transport. At least 9.200 was built between 1926 and 1938. Engine license built in the Soviet Union under the leadership of Mikulin, who then developed it as M-17. Was more license because of the engines, Kawasaki Heavy industries in Japan as the Kawasaki long Ha9 purpose:- the army Type 98 850hp liquid cooled in-line.


2. Options. (Варианты)

5.5, 6 or 7.3 is file compression. No additional letter shows BMW carburetor and direct drive screw 7.3, the means of the reducer screw 7.3 y, Z denotes the Zenith carburetor 7.3 s, ZU denotes the Zenith carb and gearbox screw 7.3 memory.

BMW VI 5.5 Compression ratio 5.5:1, 600–650 PS 592–641 hp at up to 1600 rpm at sea level BMW VI 6.0 Compression ratio 6:1, 630–660 PS 621–651 hp at up to 1650 rpm at sea level, 80 Octane fuel BMW VI 7.3 Compression ratio 7.3:1 680–750 PS 671–740 hp at up to 1700 rpm at sea level, 87 Octane fuel Mikulin M-17 Licence production in the USSR Kawasaki Ha9 long designation:- Army Type 98 850hp Liquid Cooled In-line licence production in Japan by Kawasaki

3. Technical characteristics of BMW VI 7.3 Z and {direct drive}. (Технические характеристики БМВ VI 7.3 Z и {прямой привод})

Data from the Flugzeug-Typenbuch. Handbuch der Deutschen aviation - UND Zubehor-Industri 1944


3.1. Technical characteristics of BMW VI 7.3 Z and {direct drive}. General characteristics. (Общие характеристики)

  • Height: 43.43 mm 1.103 in.
  • Diameter: 160 mm 6.30 in.
  • Length: 1.810 mm 71.26.
  • Stroke: 190 mm 7.48 in / 199 mm 7.83 different between the right and left cylinders due to the articulated connecting rods.
  • Width: 33.82 859 mm.
  • Type: V-12, 60° water-cooled piston engine.
  • Displacement: 46.95 l 2.865.06 CU in.
  • Dry weight: 510 kg 1.124 kg.

3.2. Technical characteristics of BMW VI 7.3 Z and {direct drive}. Components. (Компоненты)

  • Fuel system: 2 x Zenith 60 ml.
  • Valvetrain: 1 Inlet and 1 exhaust valve per cylinder operated by a shaft overhead camshaft via rocker arms.
  • Reducer: no. (Редуктор: нет)
  • Cooling system: liquid cooled.
  • Fuel type: 87 octane min. gasoline.

3.3. Technical characteristics of BMW VI 7.3 Z and {direct drive}. Performance. (Производительности)

  • Output power. (Выходная мощность)
  • PS 681 690 HP, 507 kW at 1.650 rpm for 5 minutes at sea level.
  • 750 HP 740 HP 552 kW during takeoff at 1.700 rpm for 1 minute at sea level.
  • 550 HP 542 HP, 405 1.530 kW at rpm max. duration at sea level.
  • PS 612 620 HP 456 kW 1.590 rpm, 30 minutes at sea level.
  • Compression ratio: 7.3. (Степень сжатия: 7.3)
  • Specific fuel consumption. (Удельный расход топлива)
  • Specific power: 16 HP / litre 0.26 BHP / CU in, 11.77 kW / l.
  • 0.225 kg / HP / h 0.503 kg / HP / h, 0.306 kg / kW / h at 1530 rpm.
  • 0.23 kg / HP / h 0.514 kg / HP / HR 0.313 kg / kW-h at 1590 rpm.
  • Oil consumption: 0.003–0.01 kg / HP / h 0.007–0.022 kg / HP / h, 0.004–0.014 kg / kWh when rpm 1.530.
  • B. M. E. P. bar 6.9 7.0 ATM, 101 psi.
  • Power-to-weight ratio: 1.47 HP / kg 0.66 HP / lb, 1.08 kW / kg.

  • The BMW VII was a water - cooled twelve - cylinder engine derived from the successful BMW VI The engine was not as popular as the VI due in no small part
  • The BMW 132 was a nine - cylinder radial aircraft engine produced by BMW starting in 1933. BMW took over a license for manufacturing air - cooled radial engines
  • The BMW 116 was a piston aircraft engine developed by BMW in the 1930s. Development work stopped in 1937. The BMW 116 engine was initially known as the
  • 1 L straight - six - first BMW corporate product of any kind 1919, 1925 IV, 23.5 L straight - six VI 38.2 L V12 1926 1937 VI 45.8 L V12 VIIa supercharged
  • The BMW 117 was a piston aircraft engine developed by BMW in the 1930s. Development work stopped in 1937. The BMW 117 engine was initially known as the
  • The BMW IV was a six - cylinder, water - cooled inline aircraft engine built in Germany in the 1920s. Power was in the 180 kW 250 hp range. On 17 June 1919
  • The BMW 114 was a nine - cylinder air - cooled radial engine intended for military aircraft use. Developed in 1935 from the BMW 132, with which it could be
  • The BMW V was a six - cylinder, water - cooled inline aircraft engine built in Germany in the 1920s, with power of 240 kW 320 hp for the production version
  • BMW IIIa was an inline six - cylinder SOHC valvetrain, water - cooled aircraft engine, the first - ever product from BMW GmbH. Its success laid the foundation

  • The BMW 003 full RLM designation BMW 109 - 003 is an early axial turbojet engine produced by BMW AG in Germany during World War II. The 003 and the Junkers
  • The BMW 801 was a powerful German 41.8 - litre 2, 550 cu in air - cooled 14 - cylinder - radial aircraft engine built by BMW and used in a number of German Luftwaffe
  • The BMW 018 RLM designation BMW 109 - 018 was an early axial - flow turbojet engine project by BMW AG in Germany. The 018 design was begun in 1940. It was
  • The BMW X was a small five - cylinder radial engine for sport and training aircraft. Although this engine proved successful at several large - scale events
  • the Junkers Jumo 5 diesel engine. In 1929, an example was built with a BMW VI engine and fitted out for aerial photography and survey work and designated
  • Delphin III was developed from 1927. It was powered by a 447 kW 600 hp BMW VI engine and had a separate flight deck for the two - man crew and a cabin for
  • wings with a steel - tube fuselage, and was powered by a 750 hp 600 kW BMW VI engine. The single prototype flew in 1931. It was evaluated against the
  • AG in the late 1920s. The aircraft was equipped with 660 liters 492 kW BMW VI The planned crew consisted of three people. On 21 May 1929 the plane established
  • 390 kW Siemens Jupiter VI one built. HD 41b Powered by a 520 hp 390 kW BMW VI one built. HD 41c Powered by a 520 hp 390 kW BMW VI 7.3Zu two built.The

  • The BMW 803 was a German aircraft engine, an attempt by BMW to build a high - output aircraft engine by coupling two BMW 801 engines back - to - back, driving
  • Aeolus reconnaissance trainer, the aircraft was powered by a 450 kW 600 hp BMW VI 5.5 water - cooled V12 engine. Like the L 76, the L 77v had a fabric - covered
  • The BMW 802 was a large air - cooled radial aircraft engine, built using two rows of nine cylinders to produce what was essentially an 18 - cylinder version
  • Prototype, powered by a 492 kW 660 hp BMW VI engine. First flight in 1934. Ar 68a First prototype. 1 x 478 kW 641 hp BMW VId V - 12. Ar 68b Second prototype
  • landing, some problems led to modifications. It was powered by a 600 hp BMW VI engine, and two synchronized rifle calibre machine guns in the fuselage
  • 2x BMW VI engines. Dornier Do 16 Do J IId Wal 2x BMW VI engines. Militar - Wal Do J IIe 16 Bos Wal 2x BMW VI engines Do J IIf Bos Wal 2x BMW VI U engines
  • The Mikulin M - 17 was a Soviet - licensed copy of the German BMW VI V - 12 liquid - cooled aircraft piston engine, further developed by Alexander Mikulin and
  • aircraft, so the plane was returned to its manufacturer and fitted with a BMW VI engine as well as a new radiator, thus being redesignated HD 33a. After
  • licence by Gotha, Focke - Wulf, and BFW. He 45a First prototype, powered by a BMW VI 7, 3Z piston engine. He 45b Second prototype, fitted with four - blade propeller
  • The BMW 109 - 718 was a liquid - fuelled rocket engine developed by BMW at their Bruckmuhl facility, in Germany during the Second World War. The 109 - 718 109
  • BMW VI 750 hp BMW IX 500 - 800 hp BMW 132E 660 hp BMW 132K 900 hp BMW 801D - 2 1, 700 hp BMW 801E 1, 900 hp BMW 109 - 003E - 1 800 kg thrust BMW 109 - 003E - 2
  • wings and fixed tailwheel landing gear and was powered by a 470 kW 630 hp BMW VI engine. After 180 aircraft were built, production continued with a structurally

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VI grade helps Team Brasil to optimize their BMW Z4 GT. Nov 20, 2019 NEW DELHI: German luxury carmaker BMW on Wednesday said it has upgraded its entire petrol vehicle range in India conform to BS VI. .. Category:BMW VI media Commons. Mar 15, 2017 Combining latest advancements in Garmin navigation with BMW specific functions, the new Navigator VI features a resistive 5 inch touch. .. BMW Motorrad Motorsport adopts VI BikeRealTime to quickly design. May 30, 2012 Relive insta classic TOP GEAR moment from Mondays episode when Jeremy Clarkson recreated the Battle of Britain and faced off. .. BMW Motorrad presents Navigator VI. The perfect partner for. Jan 26, BMW Motorrad presents VI, available from March 2017 alongside the existing Navigator V, comprising a new navigation. .. MEET OUR TEAM BMW of Fremont. Streaming music from your smartphone Free updates life only with pre installed map data. Avoid highways feature Bluetooth technology for. .. Free BMW VIN M Decoder. . This category has following subcategories, out of 3 total. ▻ VI in the BMW Museum‎ 7. K. ▻ Kawasaki Ha9‎ 2 F. M. ▻ Mikulin. .. Navigator VI BMW Motorrad. Navigator VI does much more than just tell way, allowing you to experience magical biking tours. In addition, the pioneering trip technology precisely. .. BMW upgrades entire petrol model range in India conform to BS. Marburg, Aug 29th, 2012 – VI grade GmbH, leading provider of best in class products services to bridge the gap between real world testing and. Jeremy Clarkson vs The Brutus Bomber BMW TOP GEAR YouTube. Marburg, Nov 16th, 2011 – VI grade GmbH, leading provider of best in class products services to bridge the gap between real world testing and. .. BMW NAVIGATOR VI BY GARMIN NEW FOR 2017. decoder will check your BMW VIN and show you full vehicle specification.. .. BMW eyes lions share luxury car market ahead of BS VI. GROUND $25. FREE 2ND DAY SHIPPING ON ORDERS $499 AND UP. Automotive. BMW Motorrad Navigator VI 1. .. BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Garmin. Support Center is where you will find answers frequently asked questions and resources to help with all of your Garmin products.. .. Announcement: Garmin brings advanced navigation to the BMW. Jason Lievore: Parts Director. Milisa Ortanez. Vi Quach: Internet Sales Manager. Del Valle: Greeter. Daniel Jordan: Support Staff.. .. BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Garmin Support. BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Updates & Downloads.. .. BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Updates & Downloads Garmin. Aug 22, 2019 With BS VI norms kicking in on April 1, 2020, now is the right time for consumers purchase cars, according to German luxury carmaker BMW..

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BMW Navigator VI Offer read more about the exclusive service offer available only at Motorrad in Douglas Park Motorrad. Find out how you can best look after. Welcome Body by Vi 90 Day Challenge. 8 Aug 2019 Mint condition, factory low suspension, BMW Nav VI included! BMW factory warranty good through 5 16 22. First service complete. Premium. BMW M2 Vi skaffer alle modeller Kontakt oss for spesifikk tilbud o. 22 Jul 2010 As soon as the dealer officially orders the car through the BMW allocation system, theyll get the VIN number, and then you can get the VIN.

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3 Apr 2017 Introducing the BMW Motorcycles Navigator VI! Co developed by BMW Motorrad and Garmin International, the Navigator VI is an exclusive. BMW Free Navigator VI Promotion Quaker City Motor Sport. Sabe mais em ou num concessionario BMW. BMW Navigator VI – Initial feedback. Motorrad Reddit. 14 Mar 2017 The new BMW Navigator VI is almost €100 more expensive than the Navigator V. The new navigation device will be on sale along the old. BMW Navigator VI GPS Navigation System. The new Navigator VI, co developed by Garmin International and BMW Motorrad, has many improvements in features and rider convenience over the previous. BMW Navigator VI Price Announced DriveMag Riders. This OEM Fuchs ATF is approved to replace BMW ATF part 83229407807 and is Dexron VI compatible. Its used in 1996 E36 M3, E46 325i 330i, E39.

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19 Aug 2018 so, I bought the Garmin BMW Navigator VI with my new 2018 R1200 GS Adventure. I cannot figure out on Garmins site how to sign up for a. BMW Navigator VI GPS New Pricing for BMW Rallye Suit Bike. This Genuine BMW Dexron VI Automatic Transmission Fluid 4 Liter Mfg 83220397114 fits BMW E82 128i, BMW E83 X3 N52 3.0L, BMW E88 128i, BMW E90. Design and development. The ultimate protection for your BMW navigator 4, 5, 6 IV, V, VI GPS unit. The Touratech locking mount protects the unit from vibrations and also secures the. Car Rental with Sixt Top Cars at Affordable Prices. 14 Oct 2011 Woodcliff Lake, NJ – October 14, 2011 am EDT … With the announcement of the sixth generation BMW 3 Series Sedan, the benchmark. 2018 BMW R 1200 RT Long Beach BMW Motorcycles. The BMW VII was a water cooled twelve cylinder engine derived from the successful BMW VI. The engine was not as popular as the VI, due in no small part to.

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Long Beach BMW Motorcycles, Located in 2125 E. Spring St. Long Beach, CA. CONTROL GEAR SHIFT ASSIST PRO GPS PREP W BMW NAV VI HEATED. Vehicle Inspection Checklist BMW of Barrington. Castles project ks1. Garmin basecamp bmw navigator vi. Birds with black plume on head. Pgt computer science books pdf. Derek hunter willis. Irmas kate e. Editorial: Brutus – BMW Aero Power BMW Blog. BMW Nav 6 Sun Visor. With this high quality glare shield for the BMW Navigator VI, the navigation display stays easily readable even when the sun is low. BMW Motorrad Navigator VI Motorcycle GPS Review Motorcycle. If you are a vehicle owner, search for recalls by your Vehicle Identification Number VIN. The vehicle identification number tells you if your car is affected.

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BMW. Certified Pre Owned. Vehicle. Inspection Checklist. The Ultimate VIN. Meets BMW. AREA. Guidelines & Standards. Comments. Front bumper. □. Jeremy Clarkson vs The Brutus Bomber BMW TOP GEAR YouTube. Jason Lievore: Parts Director. Milisa Ortanez: Internet Sales Manager. Vi Quach: Internet Sales Manager. Daniel Del Valle: Greeter. Marwin Bernal: Greeter. BS VI compliant BMW X3 spotted testing google - wiki.info. BMW Welt is located in the immediate vicinity of the main BMW factory, the Please note that the BMW Welt remains closed from 24 12 to 26 12 2019 as well as.

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Did you know that used car leases are actually a thing? BMWs Certified Pre Owned CPO Lease Program comes with all the benefits of a like new BMW model,. New BMW X3 xDrive SAV in New Jersey Circle BMW. 23 Jan 2015 Promoters also have the option to take a lesser monthly bonus should they choose not to acquire a qualifying BMW. The Vi Bimmer Club is. BMW Free Navigator VI Promotion at FRF Powersports. The first twelve cylinder engine built by the Bayerische Motorenwerke AG, with a 60 degree included angle between the cylinder banks. The BMW VI was.

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10 Aug 2017 Training provided by Garmin on the BMW Navigator V & VI will be conducted on Wednesday August 16, 2017 at the Fleet Reserve Association. BMW Navigator VI Offer East Kilbride Douglas Park BMW Motorrad. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for BMW NAVIGATOR VI NAV 6 NANO GLASS Screen Protector at the best online prices at!. Vi Iphone Bmw Nav Streaming From Navigation Cd For Bmw 650i. Is the BMW Navigator VI any different to the V? We take a look in our own unique way! If you. Used Car BMW Rosenthal Land Rover. BMW Free Navigator VI Promotion, at FRF Powersports through 12 31 2017. Contact or visit us in Palm Bay, Florida, for details and to see our BMW inventory. 2016 BMW X3 SUV AWD NHTSA. 19 Jun 2019 View 1926 Dornier Wal BMW VI Engine images from our BMW Museum Munich photo gallery.

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1935 45 Heinkel HE 111, Luftwaffe, Spain, Medium bomber transport. Engine: 2 x BMW VI liquid cooled inverted V 12 660 HP ea. Armament: 7 x 7.92 mm. 2019 BMW R 1250 GS HP Motorsport Low Susp UH98605 Kissell. The BMW VI was the chosen source of power for numerous record breaking and long distance flights, including an east to west crossing of the Atlantic in 1930. Vi Quach Vehicle salesperson AutoNation BMW of Fremont. 4 Sep 2019 Always up to date The Navigator VI does much more than just tell you the way, allowing you to experience magical biking tours. Its large 5 inch. R1200GS Adv 14 18 R1200GS Adv 2014 2018 BMW. 1 Mar 2019 Vins S14 is alive and it rips! Hoonigan Project Cars viewers know all the work that went into this thing, so its good to see it out there getting it.


26 Jan 2017 BMW Motorrad has introduced a new GPS receiver, the Navigator VI, which has a number of new features. It will be available starting in March. How to Decode, Read Your BMW VIN and Where to Find it. Aluminum Left and Right Cases Aluminum Top Case with Backrest Cushion Lock Cylinders Keyed to Ignition GPS Navigator VI. Also includes BMWs 3. Bmw navigator vi – AZRATPack. 26 Jan 2017 BMW Navigator VI comes with a circular polarization filter that ensures optimal readability during direct sunlight. It also comes with an optional. BMW Navigator VI YouTube. 2019 Yokohama Autocross VI at Boomers. Oct 6, 2019. After having two raining autocrosses in a row this one was GREAT. Cool, light breeze, lots of cars,. Speedo Angels BMW Navigator VI GPS Screen Protector. 5 days ago google - wiki.info offers an absolutely free BMW VIN Decoder tool. Check your BMWs specifications instantly. Enter your BMW VIN below and click.

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28 Sep 2019 BS VI BMW X3 is expected to be offered with the same 2.0 litre diesel engine. The model could be launched in India by 1 April, 2020. Bmw brakes Wilwood. Find out all the key statistics for google - wiki.infoREN WERKE AG BMW. VI, including valuation measures, fiscal year financial statistics, trading record, share. BMW VI google - wiki.info. Alexandria, VA BMW dealer new BMW and used Certified Pre Owned BMW sales, financing, service, and parts 2017 BMW 7 Series Sedan 750i xDrive AWD. Street Bikes from BMW, Honda and Kawasaki A&S Motorcycles. 18 Jun 2018 Do you have a replacement battery for a BMW Navigator VI? the photo above looks similar, I thought it might fit. Or can y.

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With an 8 inch ground clearance, the BMW X3 zips from 0 to 60 mph in as little as 4.6 seconds. Call us at VIN 5UXTY5C03L9B25252 Stock: L9B25252. BMW Nav VI replacement Garmin zumo 590LM Battery GPS City. When you choose Original 2014 BMW R1200GS ADV Motorcycle Optional Equipment and Accessories, Motorrad Navigator VI without Mount Cradle Image. BMW VIN Decoder youcanic. Buy BMW Navigator VI WORLD Set for cheap money at bmw motorrad bohling. com! Order BMW Navigator VI WORLD Set 77 52 8 356 005 by BMW now.

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BMW VIN Decoder Tools. Enter BMW VIN number to lookup options, MSRP, engine, transmission, specs, color, assembly plant options. Top 5 Best BMW VIN. Bmw cars logo emblem VI Marketing and Branding. Results 1 26 of 26 Street Bikes from BMW, Honda and Kawasaki. Filter 6 2013 K1600GTL BMW. 2017 R1200RT Includes Navigator VI GPS! BMW. BMW Navigator VI unveiled. Whats new DriveMag Riders. BMW, BMW Free Navigator VI Promotion, Expires: 12 31 2017. First Shakedown in Vins 1JZ S14, Your Favorite $350 BMW, and. 2018 BMW X5 SUV xDrive50i AWD. Save. Compare. Retail: $85.595 Internet Price: $59.298. X5, Imperial Blue Metallic, Mocha, Automatic, 11.431 mi., Stock.

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