ⓘ Starkey Hill


ⓘ Starkey Hill

Starkey Hill is the highest point in Puslinch Township, southwestern Ontario and is located southeast of Guelph, Ontario. The property is currently owned by the Grand River Conservation Authority and sports a 4 km loop hiking trail. Parking and access to the trail is located off Arkell Rd., 1 km east of Watson Rd. & the village of Arkell.

Starkey Hill is named after the Starkey family who moved to the area in 1833 from the United States and in 1849 he purchased 100 acres 40 ha of land outside of Arkell.

In 1911, the geodetic survey of Canada created a triangulation station on the property of the Starks. The tower was built of wood and stood 100 feet 30 m, 36×36 feet 11×11 m at the base. The tower is located on the highest point of the hotel, which is also the highest point in the village of Puslinch.

The purpose of the tower was for triangulation surveying. There were hundreds of towers built for this purpose in North America. Most of the work was done at night and lamps were placed in the tower and sighted from the first.

Information obtained from this project formed the basis for topographic mapping used today.

These towers were not built as permanent structures, and so it came to 1920. Wood from the tower was subsequently used in the family of the Starks to build a shed implementation. The barn today is not worth it.

This information was taken from the "Starkey hill interpretive trail" brochure. For more information, contact big on protection of the river.

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