ⓘ Bluff


ⓘ Bluff

  • Bluff, a crater on Mars named after the New Zealand town.

1. Game-oriented

  • A slang term for liars dice, a dice game
  • Bluff poker, a tactic in the game of poker
  • Bluff Magazine, covering poker news, strategy, and major tournaments

2. Film and TV

  • Bluff 2007 film, a Canadian film
  • Bluff 1915 film, an UK Silent B/W film
  • "Bluff" Prison Break episode, an episode of the 2006 television series Prison Break
  • Bluff TV series, a Canadian game show from the 1970s
  • Bluff 1924 film an American drama silent film
  • Bluff 1976 film an Italian crime-comedy film