ⓘ Babe (Bragança)


ⓘ Babe (Bragança)

A. Pereira Lopo, writing in 1898, alludes to the greatness of the Castro of Babe, which had been an important station during the Roman era. This includes many monuments located in its shadow, including altar stone dedicated to Jupiter with the inscription "I.O.M." and funerary stone "A1 e EQVITIAL ae II") with vestiges of three figures in low relief.

It was located on the Roman road from Braga to Castile. Remains of the Roman settlement can be found in funerary crypts and bronze tools. Folk tradition says that the road was built for Elizabeth of Portugal to pass through or near the village.

There is no consensus about the origin of the name babe. Some suggest Arabic: باب, which means that the door is Portuguese: portinha. Others suggest that the name comes from the Roman era.

The modern arrival of baby need to the medieval period when it was referred to as Petride Sancti Babi, that she will continue to remain until the 13th century Inquirições of king Afonso III. The documents related to the inventory of Kings the first mention of the parish institution 1258, although it is likely that the Church existed before these records. The Church, dedicated to San Pedro the Portuguese: St. Peter, who, already on the decline, was replaced by the new Church of Santa Maria de Laviados, then the invocation of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao.

Agreement about the babe, between joão I of Portugal and John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancaster, was signed here on 26 March 1387.

Evolution kids were affected by emigration and ageing populations.

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