ⓘ Epiphany


ⓘ Epiphany

  • Epiphany season, or Epiphanytide, the liturgical season following the Christian holiday
  • Epiphany holiday, a Christian holiday celebrating the revelation of God the Son as a human being in Jesus Christ
  • Theophany, the appearance of a deity to a human being

1. Computing

  • Epiphany, a Free Software clone of the video game Boulder Dash
  • Epiphany, Inc., a software development company, formerly known as E.piphany
  • Epiphany, a multi-core processor made by Adapteva
  • Epiphany GNOME, the former name of the GNOME browser "Web"

2. Art

  • Epiphany painting, by Dutch painter Gerbrand van den Eeckhout
  • Epifania, a drawing by Michelangelo
  • The Epiphany Bosch, a triptych and earlier panel painting Epiphany by Hieronymus Bosch

3. Film and television

  • Epiphany Proudfoot, a character in the film Angel Heart played by Lisa Bonet
  • "Epiphanies" Battlestar Galactica, a 2006 episode of Battlestar Galactica
  • Epiphany Johnson, a character on the American soap opera General Hospital
  • "Epiphanies", a 1999 episode of Spaced
  • "Epiphany" Angel, a 2001 episode of Angel
  • "Epiphany" Desperate Housewives, a 2010 episode of Desperate Housewives
  • "Epiphany" Stargate Atlantis, a 2005 episode of Stargate Atlantis
  • "Epiphanies" Babylon 5, a 1997 episode of Babylon 5
  • "Epiphany", a 1989 episode of War of the Worlds

4.1. Music Classical music

  • Epiphany, composition by Kodaly
  • Epifanie Berio, a musical composition by the Italian composer Luciano Berio
  • Epiphany, composition by Judith Bingham

4.2. Music Albums

  • Epiphany Judith Durham album, a 2011 album by Australian Judith Durham
  • Epiphany T-Pain album, 2007 album by T-Pain
  • Epiphany Ian Villafana album, 2010 album by Ian Villafana
  • Epiphany: The Best of Chaka Khan, Vol. 1, 1996 compilation album by Chaka Khan
  • Epiphany Chrisette Michele album, 2009 album by R&B singer Chrisette Michele
  • Epiphany Manafest album, 2005 album by Manafest

4.3. Music Songs

  • "Epiphany", a song by Bowling For Soup from their 2006 album The Great Burrito Extortion Case
  • "Epiphany", a song by The Word Alive from their 2010 album Deceiver
  • "Epiphany", a song by Intervals from their 2012 EP In Time
  • "Epiphany", a song on the film soundtrack Crank: High Voltage
  • "Epiphany", a song by Bad Religion from their 2002 album The Process of Belief
  • "Epiphany" Chrisette Michele song, the lead single from the album 2009
  • "Epiphany", a song by Tesseract from their 2011 album One
  • "Epiphany", a song by The Ocean from their 2007 album Heliocentric
  • "Epiphany", a song by Staind from their 2001 album Break the Cycle
  • "Epiphany", a song by Stephen Sondheim in his musical Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
  • "Epiphany" BTS song 2018


5. People

  • Epiphanny Prince born 1988, basketball player
  • John of Epiphania, sixth-century Byzantine historian
  • Devorah Frost, professional wrestler, ring name Epiphany