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Patermann is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Christian Patermann born 1942, German lawyer. Georg Patermann 1580–1628, German composer.

Peeler (disambiguation)

Walter Peeler 1887–1968, Australian recipient of the Victoria Cross. Harvey S. Peeler, Jr. born 1948, American politician. Anthony Peeler born 1969, American professional basketball player. Bob Peeler born 1952, American politician. Nicole D. Pee ...


Pellew is a surname, and may refer to: Edward Pellew, 5th Viscount Exmouth 1890-1922, British army officer and landowner. Nip Pellew 1893–1981, Australian cricketer. Charles Pellew, 7th Viscount Exmouth 1863-1945, chemistry professor and British ...

Pellicano (surname)

Pellicano is an Italian-language surname. Notable people with this surname include: Henrique Pellicano. (Энрики Пелликано) Anthony Pellicano. (Энтони Пелликано) Julian Pellicano. (Юлиан Пелликано) Helene Pellicano. (Хелен Пелликано)


Percy Pennybacker 1895–1963, American civil engineer. Flora Pennybacker born 1963, married name of British artist Flora McDonnell. Anna Pennybacker 1861–1938, American educator and womens rights activist. Isaac S. Pennybacker 1805–1847, American ...


Rebecca Lane Pennypacker Price 1837–1919, American nurse during the American Civil War. Sara Pennypacker fl. 2006–2019, American author of children’s literature. Carlton R. Pennypacker, astrophysicist. Galusha Pennypacker c. 1841–1916, Union gene ...

Pentecost (disambiguation)

Pinksteren Dutch word meaning "Pentecost", often pronounced in English as "Pinkster". Pentecost, one of the English-language names for the holiday of Shavuot.


Pepple is a surname. It may refer to: George Oruigbiji Pepple 1849-1888, one of the kings of Bonny. Aribim Pepple b. 2002, professional soccer player. Amal Pepple b. 1949, Nigerian civil servant. Adawari Pepple, Nigerian politician.


Perales, Palencia, Castile and Leon, Spain. Perales del Alfambra, in Teruel, Aragon, Spain. Perales del Puerto, in Caceres, Extremadura, Spain. Perales, Los Santos, Panama. Perales del Rio, a neighbourhood of Getafe, in Madrid, Spain. Perales Air ...


Perelle or Perelle is a surname, and may refer to: Auguste Jube de La Perelle 1765–1824, French general, politician and historiographer. Adam Perelle 1640–1695, French artist and writer, son of Gabriel Perelle. Nicolas Perelle 1631–1695, French p ...

Perez Companc

Perez Companc could refer to Gregorio Perez Companc born 1934, Argentine businessman. Luis Perez Companc born 1972, Argentine rally driver. Pablo Perez Companc born 1982), Argentine auto racing driver. Jorge Perez Companc, see 2016 Dakar Rally.

Perlich (Germanic)

Perlich which is variant surname to Perlick, which is an Old High German surname, which means bero lih = bear-like’. Perlich is not to be confused with the South Slavic surname Perlich. Meaning of Perlick. (Смысл руководство по эксплуатации perlick)

Perugia (disambiguation)

Polyptych of Perugia, a Renaissance painting by Italian artist Piero della Francesca. Cippus of Perugia, a stone tablet bearing an Etruscan inscription. "From Perugia", a poem by American Quaker poet John Greenleaf Whittier. Perugia album, a 1974 ...


Pescarolo may refer to: Pescarolo Sport, the French motorsports team founded by Henri Pescarolo. Henri Pescarolo, a French Formula One, sports car, and rally driver. Pescarolo ed Uniti, an Italian comune in the Province of Cremona. Juliano Pescar ...

Petard (disambiguation)

A petard was a medieval small bomb used to blow up gates and walls when breaching fortifications. Petard may also refer to: A firecracker. (Петарда) "Petarded", an episode of Family Guy. HMS Petard, the name of two ships of the Royal Navy. Paul P ...


Petermann crater, a feature on the Moon. Kapp Petermann, a headland on the island of Spitsbergen.


Petillon may refer to: Petillon metro station, Brussels. Leon Petillon 1903–1996, governor-general of Belgian Congo. Rene Petillon 1945–2018, French satirical and political cartoonist.


Petitot may refer to: Petitot River, in northern Alberta and British Columbia, Canada, named in honor of Emile Petitot. Emile Petitot 1838–1916, French Missionary Oblate, and Canadian northwest cartographer, ethnologist, geographer, linguist, and ...

Petrarca (disambiguation)

Petrarca may refer to: Petrarch, the English name for Francesco Petrarca 1304-1374, Italian scholar, poet, and Renaissance humanist. David Petrarca 1965-, director at the Goodman Theatre. Petrarca Rugby, an Italian rugby union club. Frank J. Petr ...


Petry, or Petry, is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Cassio Petry born 1978, Brazilian canoeist. Zsolt Petry born 1966, Hungarian footballer. Ellen Petry Leanse 1958, American author, businesswoman, coach, educator, entrepreneu ...


Tracey Pettengill Turner born c. 1971, entrepreneur. Samuel B. Pettengill 1886–1974, American politician and nephew of William Horace Clagett. Todd Pettengill born 1961, American radio disc jockey. Dawn Pettengill born 1955, American politician. ...


Petway is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Bruce Petway 1885–1941, American baseball manager and player. Tom Petway born 1940, American businesspeople. Brent Petway born 1985, American basketball player. David Petway born 1955, ...

Peverell (disambiguation)

Andrew Peverell, MP for Sussex, 1351–1377. Thomas Peverel or Peverell died 1419, Bishop of Llandaff and Worcester. Nicky Peverell born 1973, English footballer. William Peverel or Peverell c.1040–c.1115, Norman knight. John Peverell born 1941, En ...


The word Phadnavis arises from two Persian words, Fad and navis. It is literally translated from Persian to English as maker of the lists. Phadnavis was an important administrative position in the administration of medieval Maharashtra, where the ...


Stephane Picq born 1965. Ardant du Picq 1821 – 1870, French Army officer and military theorist. Charles le Picq 1744 – 1806, an influential French dancer and choreographer.


Pierpont Australian Financial Review born 1937, alter-ego of Trevor Sykes, financial journalist. James Pierpont mathematician 1866–1938, American mathematician. John Pierpont 1785–1866, American poet, teacher, lawyer, merchant, and minister. Jame ...


Piipponen is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Samuli Piipponen born 1993, Finnish professional ice hockey defenceman. Tapio Piipponen born 1957, Finnish biathlete. Topi Piipponen born 1997, Finnish professional ice hockey player.


Pilbrow is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Ashleigh Pilbrow 1912–1995, British track and field athlete. Richard Pilbrow born 1933, British stage lighting designer, author, theatre design consultant, and theatrical producer, fi ...

Pinas (disambiguation)

Piñas, Comerio, Puerto Rico, a barrio. Piñas, Toa Alta, Puerto Rico, a barrio. Piñas Canton, El Oro Province, Ecuador. Pinas country, a contraction of Pilipinas, the Republic of the Philippines. Las Piñas, a city in the Philippines.

Pinchuk (surname)

Pinchuk is the surname of the following notable people: Mykola Pinchuk born 1946, retired Soviet and Ukrainian football player. Anton Pinchuk, Kazakh heavyweight boxer, gold medalist in Boxing at the 2014 Asian Games – Mens 91 kg. Sergei Pinchuk ...

Pinner (disambiguation)

Adolf Pinner 1842-1909, German Jewish chemist. Artose Pinner born 1978, American football player. Pinball Clemons nicknamed Pinner, born 1965, Canadian Football League player and sports executive.


Pisarek is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Marian Pisarek 1912–1942, Polish fighter pilot and flying ace of World War II. Maciej Pisarek born 1966, Polish film director and screenplay writer. Kasia Pisarek born Katarzyna Krzyz ...


Pisoni is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Adam Pisoni, American entrepreneur. Gaetano Matteo Pisoni 1713–1782, Italian architect. Pier Giacomo Pisoni 1928–1991, Italian historian, paleographer and archivist. Jim Pisoni 1929–20 ...

Platts (disambiguation)

S&amp,P Global Platts is a provider of energy and commodities information and a source of benchmark price assessments in the physical commodity markets. Platts may also refer to:


Plender is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Olivia Plender born 1977, British artist. John Plender, British financial journalist. William Plender, 1st Baron Plender 1861–1946, British chartered accountant and public servant.


Plucknett is an English surname. People with the surname include: Victoria Plucknett, Welsh actress. Ben Plucknett 1954–2002, U.S. athlete. Plucknett may also refer to: Preston Plucknett, former village in Somerset, England. Haselbury Plucknett, ...

Plunder (disambiguation)

To plunder is to indiscriminately take goods by force, notably: Nazi plunder, art theft and other items stolen during World War II as part of the organized looting of German-occupied European countries on behalf of Germany′s ruling Nazi Party. Le ...

Poblete (surname)

Poblete is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Elizabeth Poblete born 1987, Chilean weightlifter. Olga Poblete, Chilean womens rights activist and feminist. Pascual H. Poblete 1857–1921, Filipino writer and feminist. Yleem Poblete ...

Poel (disambiguation)

Poel is a German island in the Baltic Sea. Poel may also refer to: William Poel 1852–1934, an English actor, theatrical manager and dramatist. Gustav Poel 1917–2009, a German U-boat commander in World War II. Jacobus Poel 1712–1775, a Dutch merch ...


Poeppel or Poppel is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Johannes Poeppel 1921–2007, German Army general. David Poeppel born 1964, German psychologist. Ernst Poppel born 1940, German psychologist and neuroscientist. Augustus Poepp ...

Point (surname)

Point is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Christophe Point born 1965, French footballer. Mittie Frances Clarke Point 1850–1937, American writer. Steven Point born 1951, Canadian judge. Brayden Point born 1996, Canadian ice hock ...


Pointu is a French surname. Notable people with this surname include: Germaine Pointu 1900–1943, married name Germaine Cernay, French mezzo-soprano. Jeannette Pointu, Belgian comic book character. Monsieur Pointu 1922–2006, Canadian violinist.


Thomas Poley died c. 1563, Tudor-era English politician. Robert Poley fl. 1568– aft. 1602, English double agent. Ted Poley born 1964, American rock singer and drummer.


Polglase is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Todd Polglase born 1981, Australian rugby league footballer. Van Nest Polglase 1898–1968, American art director.

Pollio (disambiguation)

Pollio was the name of several ancient Romans. Pollio may also refer to: Saint Pollio of Cybalae, 3rd-century Christian martyr. Silvio Pollio, director of the 2003 crime film How It All Went Down. Alberto Pollio 1852–1914, Italian general and Chi ...


Arturo Pomar 1931–2016, Spanish chess Grandmaster. Julio Pomar born 1926, Portuguese painter. Juan Bautista Pomar 1535–1590, historian and writer on pre-Columbian Aztec history.


Pommerenke is the surname of: Heinrich Pommerenke 1937–2008, German serial killer. David Pommerenke, American engineer. Jurgen Pommerenke born 1953, German football midfielder and manager. Christian Pommerenke born 1933, Danish mathematician.


Antonin Poncet 1849–1913, French surgeon. Charles Poncet de Bretigny c. 1610 –1644, governor of the colony of Cayenne in what is now French Guiana. Joseph Poncet 1610–1675, French Jesuit missionary to Canada. Michel Poncet de La Riviere 1671–1730 ...


Pontinen is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Roland Pontinen born 1963, Swedish pianist and composer. Seija Pontinen 1934–1998, Finnish hurdler. Joonas Pontinen born 1990, Finnish footballer.

Popiel (disambiguation)

Poul Popiel born 1943, Canadian-Danish former Ice Hockey player. Karol Popiel born 1887, Polish politician. Eva Popiel born 1982, Polish-British-Japanese actress. Stepan Popel, a.k.a. Stefan Popiel born 1909, Ukrainian-Polish Galician chess champ ...