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The Best of Jenny Morris: The Story So Far

Best of Jenny Morris: the story so far-the first compilation album by Australia, New Zealand musician Jenny Morris. It was released in November 1992 and reached number 4 in New Zealand and 12 in Australia. It contains tracks from her three Studio ...

Listen: The Very Best of Jenny Morris

Listen: the best of Jenny Morris is a collection of songs from Australia, New Zealand rock singer Jenny Morris. It includes her top 10 hits in Australia, "she loved" and "weather". In fact, a permutation of his previous collection, the best of Je ...

Only God Can Judge Me (EP)

Only God can judge me is the debut mini-album released by British singer mark Morrison, and follow-up to his successful debut Studio album, return of the Mac. The name comes from his on-stage protest during the Brit awards when she flaunts in fro ...


At KROQ is a three-live EP by Morrissey, released 18 September 1991. It was recorded at a session in 1991 on the radio KROQ-FM station in Los Angeles, while Morrissey was touring in support of his second album kill uncle. After "sing your life", ...

Shine (Mother Love Bone EP)

The EP was recorded in November 1988, at London bridge studios in Seattle, Washington with producer mark Dearnley. Dearnley also mixed the album, Charles Peterson photographed the cover. With the exception of the more than eight minute "Chloe dan ...

The Whorror

"She never made it to the hospital" and "Apocolips" was re-recorded for the full-length version of when love met destruction. Continued "schitzophrenicannibalisticsexfest.com" right."com in PT. The second" was recorded for the album creatures.

Tear Ya Down: The Rarities

Tear Ya down: the rarities is a 2-CD compilation album by the band motörhead, released in 2002 on the metal-is label.

London to Memphis

"All the young dudes". "The Golden age of rock-n-roll". "All the way from Memphis". "A Jacket Crocus". ("Пиджак Крокус") "Sweet Jane". ("Сладкой Джейн") "One of the boys". "Honaloochie Boogie". ("Honaloochie Буги") "The ballad of Mott these slow- ...

Rock and Roll Queen

Rock-n-roll Queen-the collection of the British rock band Mott Hoople started in. The album mainly has a choice of four albums Mott recorded on island records in the UK, which were subsequently released in the US by Atlantic records. In Canada, t ...

Maybes EP

"Can" is the debut EP by the British electronic Duo mount Kimbie released in January 2009 through Hotflush Recordings as 12" vinyl and digital download. He received praise from critics.

The Best of Mountain

The best of the mountain-the first collection Mountain American hard rock band. It consists of material recorded throughout 1970-1971, culled from their first three records. 15 April 2003, the album was remastered and reissued in an expanded edit ...

Moving Mountains (EP)

Moving mountains is the debut mini-album released by the new York band, moving mountains. The album was only considered to be demos and were never intended to be heard by others, but became public knowledge in early 2006.

Best Of: Self-Destruction

Best: self-destruct is a compilation album by the canadian brand rock band In the bands original incarnation of buzz Shearman, Earl Johnson, buddy Caine, bill Wade and Terry Juric, released in 1993. There are two versions of the album with the or ...

Big Bigger Biggest: Greatest Hits

Big, Bigger, Biggest! Best Of Mr. Big is a compilation CD and DVD to hard rock n big. CD released in 1996 and DVD released in 2009, contains the following songs:

Deep Cuts (Mr. Big album)

Deep cuts: best of ballads-it is a compilation album by hard rock band Mr. big, focusing on Mr. bigs most popular ballads. It was released in 2000. Two opening tracks "where are they now" and "ill leave it up to you" a few previously unreleased. ...

Best of Mucc

The best Mucc a compilation album released by Mucc on June 6, 2007. It contains 16 tracks compiling the "best" songs. It was released simultaneously with the worst compiling Mucc. It was also released a limited-edition version of the album includ ...

Superfuzz Bigmuff

Superfuzz Bigmuff is the debut EP by the Seattle grunge band. It was released on 20 October 1988 through record label sub pop. The album was later re-released in 1990 in the form of superfuzz Bigmuff plus early singles.

Ravenous, Murderous

Richard Cabeza - Bass. Uffe Cederlund - Guitars. Peter Stjarnvind - Drums. Matti Karki - vocals. Chris Reifert - vocals, additional guitar, drums. T. Ketola - cover.

Thinking in Textures

Thinking in textures is the debut release from Australian musician Chet Faker. It was released March 23, 2012 rich and remote control records. The album won best independent single at the Australian independent Records awards.

Wild Birds: 1985–1995

Wild birds: 1985-1995 is a compilation of songs by Peter Murphy was released in 2000. It includes his second top 10 modern rock tracks hit, the Turkish-influenced "the sweetest drop" from 1992s "Holy smoke" from the album.

Muse (EP)

Muse is the eponymous debut EP by the British rock group Muse. Recorded in 1997 at sawmills Studio with producer Floor Reeve, he was released on 11 may 1998, threat Records, limited to 999 hand-numbered copies The EP consists of four tracks that ...

Origin of Muse

The origin of the Muse is a box set by British rock band Muse, released on 6 December 2019 through the Music label, helium 3 and Warner records. It includes remade versions of the Music of the first two albums, showbiz and origin of symmetry and ...

Hussein Mahmood Jeeb Tehar Gass

Hussein Mahmood jeeb Tehar Gass-Muslimgauze album. In the booklet of the CD is a multi fold out poster with photos, Shirin Neshat, including her "offered eyes" on cover and "grace under duty" and "Rebellious silence" inside.

Lo-Fi India Abuse

2000 February 22: 12" vinyl at BSI the number of directory entries: BSI 1999-3. Limited to 100 copies. 1999 August: CD at BSI the number of directory entries: BSI 1999-3.

Uzbekistani Bizzare and Souk

Uzbekistani Bizzare and Souk DAT-the only Studio album by Muslimgauze. It can be obtained by suppressing inserts along with a blank digital audio tape and six international reply coupons. It was re-released with bonus tracks taken from Izlamaphob ...

Zuriff Moussa

12" vinyl: limited edition of 1000 vinyl edition of the highly sought after Muslimgauze classic "Zuriff Moussa." Zuriff Moussa is pressed on red, white, green and black vinyl In 250, each of which is 4 colors of the Palestinian flag and a Deluxe ...

Masterpieces: 1991–2002

Masterpieces: 1991-2002-hits collection, released in September 2005 mustard plug. It combines old songs with new recordings, without the use of a digital audio workstation. While the group split up, they recorded it with some of their former members.

Reset (Mutemath EP)

Reset is the name of an extended play album by Mutemath. Reset strip first issue. It was released on 28 September 2004, a division of Warner music group. The album went out of print in the US in 2006, but was re-released in the UK on 23 July 2007.

Any Way You Can

"Dont Get Caught" - 3:29. "Song Of The Squat" - 4:09. "A Good Friend" - 4:41. "Blue Light Olympics" - 4:13. "All Ive Got" - 4:33. "Peoples War" - 3:44. "Stand up" - 3:02.

Bag of Oats

Bag of oats is a six-track extended play by the Australian folk punk band mutiny. It was released in 2002 through the export of records. All tracks were written by the band Greg Stainsby.

The Shape of Things to Come. (EP)

The Shape Of Things To Come. this is the first mini-album released by the metal band my ruin. It includes the song "to order" from the following album, the horror, the beauty, as her original version and radio version.

Mya and Friends Presents. Best of Both Worlds

Family and friends gifts. The best of both worlds is an unofficial compilation album by American singer Maya, released by Siccness records on April 7 2009 in the United States. The album includes four previously unreleased tracks, Mya and guest a ...

Mykki Blanco & the Mutant Angels

The EP on the basis of the Blancos 2011 poetry book from the silence of Duchamp to noise of boys and revolves around the story of an African-American transvestite who is experimenting with sex, drugs, and the occult in new York.

The Best Of (Myslovitz album)

Side 1 "Blue Velvet" - 2:50. "Z twarza Marilyn Monroe" - 2:46. "Major" - 6:27. ("Майор" - 6:27) "Good Day My Angel" - 6:58. "Margaret" - 4:05. ("Маргарет" - 4:05) "Krotka piosenka love" - 3:35. "Kraków - Grechuta" - 3:28. "Acidland" - 4:08. "Scen ...

Fibulacamptus gracilior

Fibulacamptus Australian endemic genus of crustacean in the family Canthocamptidae. Two of the four species included in the list of endangered species IUCN red list: Bisetosus Fibulacamptus Hammond, 1988. Fibulacamptus victorianus Hammond, 1988. ...

Prince of the South. The Hits

Prince Of The South. Hits-a compilation album, released by mystikal. It was released August 10, 2004, Jive records. The album peaked at #27 on the top R&B / hip hop albums.

Karmic (EP)

Karmic was the debut EP from American rock band Nada Surf released in 1996. It was recorded in 1993 and 1994. There was a song "tree house" on the bands first big album low. In 2007, karmic was reissued under the Hi-speed soul label with bonus tr ...

La Source (album)

La source is the fourth album from French R&amp,B singer Nadiya. The album was released on 12 November 2007, and it does compile. In General, the album features 5 new songs including the first single "to live in OU Survivre", and new versions of ...

Basement Screams

Basement screams was six mini-album and debut release by Chicago punk band naked Blaster, was released on ruthless Records in 1983. Quarterstick Records reissued the EP in 1999, and added a street version of "Im lying" and 222 S. Morgan St. sessi ...

The Best of Nantucket

The best of Nantucket is a compilation of popular songs from the North music group Carolina, Nantucket. It contains material from all Studio albums of the group in the period from 1978 to 1985.

Natures Finest

Natures finest: naughty by natures greatest hits-a collection of hits from naughty by nature, released March 9, 1999, Tommy boy records. The collection contains songs from the groups second, third and fourth albums that they released while with T ...

Naughtys Nicest

"O. P." – 4:30. "Poor Peoples Poetry" – 2:59. "1, 2, 3" – 4:44. "Hip Hop Hooray" – 4:23. "Feel Me Flow" – 3:33. "It" – 3:05. ("Это" – 3:05) "Mourn You Till I Join You" – 5:18. "All Is Well" – 4:51. "Uptown Anthem" – 3:05. "The dirt all my lonely" ...

Greatest Hits (Nazareth album)

Greatest hits is the compilation album by the Scottish hard rock band "Nazareth", released in 1975. By this time Nazareth had experienced considerable success with albums and singles. This compilation presents tracks from the bands Third album Ra ...

Maximum XS: The Essential Nazareth

Maximum XS-the compilation album by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, released in 2004. Most of the songs are alternate or live versions that do not appear on other albums. Please note that the correct timing of this version of morning dew on ...

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