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Water Street, Milwaukee

Water street-a prominent historic street and entertainment district in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. This is the site of the city original building, the town Hall and several historic attractions. Today, he is still the main North to South the road passe ...

Barcelona Metro Diagonal line

The diagonal line of the Barcelona metro was a proposed underground railway traffic in the Spanish city of Barcelona. The proposal was made by transport metropolitans of Barcelona between 1989 and 1992. This would be the line of intersection of t ...

Palau Baro de Quadras

Palace Baro de Quadras is a small Palace in the art Nouveau style, located in Barcelona on Avinguda Diagonal, at an equal distance from La Pedrera and Casa de Les offers easy access. It was built by Catalan architect Josep Puig and cadafalch betw ...

Plaza de Cibeles

Plaza de Cibeles is a square with a neo-classical complex of marble sculptures with fountains that has become an iconic symbol of the city of Madrid. It is located at the intersection of Calle de alcalá, Paseo de Recoletos and Paseo del Prado. Pl ...

Plaza de la Independencia (Madrid)

Plaza de La Independencia is one of the Central squares of the Spanish capital, Madrid. It is located at the intersection of Calle de alcalá, Calle de Alfonso XII, Calle de Serrano and Calle de Olozaga Salustiano and Paseo de Mexico city. Focuses ...

Palacio de la Prensa

It is located on Gran via, near Plaza Callao, near the University. By order of the Madrid press Association APM as a corporate headquarters project, the building was designed by Pedro Muguruza. The first sketches date back to 1924. It was intende ...

Autopista Toluca–Naucalpan

Highway Toluca–Monterrey, Nuevo Leon is a 39-kilometer toll road under construction in the big city of Mexico, which will connect Toluca on the West, Quintana Roo to the East, meeting room highway Chamapa–Lecheria. April 24, 2007, Constructora Te ...

Circuito Interior

The Circuito interior Bicentenario or more commonly, Circuito interior or even more simply the ring is a 42-kilometer highway And the Boulevard, forming a loop around the Central areas of Mexico city. It was built starting in 1961. The interior r ...

Distribuidor Vial San Antonio

In the Distribuidor vial San Antonio is a Mexican freeway located in the Western part of Mexico. It was built under the authority of the previous head of government andrés Manuel lópez Obrador between 2002 and may 14, 2006. He is part of a networ ...

Avenida Rio San Joaquin

Avenida río San joaquín is of an elevated freeway in Mexico city extending from the Anillo Periferico ring road near the Mexico Distrito Federal Naucalpan, state of Mexico, on the West, Avenue General Mariano Escobedo, to the East, at the junctio ...

Supervia Poniente

In Supervia Poniente is for toll roads linking the downtown area of Santa Fe, Mexico city with the Anillo Periferico ring road in the South-West of Mexico city. The final part was opened on 15 June 2013. From Paseo de La Reforma and Mexican Feder ...

Abshenasan Expressway

Abshenasan Expressway, also known as Iranpars highway is a highway in the Northern part of Tehran. It is named after Hassan Abshenasan, former commander of the 23rd division commando who was killed during the Iran–Iraq war.

Ahang Expressway

In Ahang chord is the chord on the South-East of Tehran. It works from the beginning, the Tehran-Mashahd highway Basij Mostazafin Expressway.

Allameh Jafari Expressway

In order to Jafari chord is a chord in the Western part of Tehran. It connects the Western end of the chord Hakim at the Azadi stadium.

Ashrafi Esfahani Expressway

Ashrafi Isfahani chord is a chord in Tehran, which runs North to South from Hesarak way to the Second square of Sadeghiye. It is Punak, Hemmat subject and Jalale Ale Ahmad.

Azadegan Expressway

Azadegan chord or Tehran ring road is a motorway in the southern part of Tehran. It connects highway Tehran-Mashhad Tehran-Karaj-Tabriz highway, and Tehran-Shomal highway.

Basij Expressway

Basij Expressway Tehran East ring road. This Kolahduz square in Eastern Tehran-Mashhad highway in the South-East Expressway and Azadegan.

Besat Expressway

State Expressway in southern Tehran. This is from junction Basij Mostazafin for the state square and held in Tehrans southern bus terminal.

Chamran Expressway

Shahid of Chamran chord is a chord in Tehran, Iran, leading from Tohid square to the Boulevard junction. Chamran is the oldest Expressway in Tehran and is informally called the chord of the Boulevard or the Boulevard for short. Highway named in h ...

Cheraghi Expressway

Cheraghi chords previously Javaneh Expressway is the road which starts from highway Navvab and Qale Morghi highway. She works with a number of Qale Morghi airport and ends at Zam-Zam square in Tehran, Iran.

Hashemi Rafsanjani Expressway

Hashemi Rafsanjani chord is a chord Northern part of Tehran, Iran. It starts from the streets of Vali ASR and becomes Abshenasan highway after the junction with Ashrafi Isfahani chord. On your way, Hashemi Rafsanjani, reports Kurdistan chords of ...

Hemmat Expressway

Hemmat Expressway-route in Tehran, Iran. It starts from Pasdaran Avenue intersection and goes West. It is Haghani highway, Kurdistan highway, Milad tower, Ashrafi Isfahani highway and Ziba Shahr in West of Tehran and ends in a two-way road that g ...

Jalal-e-Ale Ahmad Expressway

Jalal-e-al-e-Ahmad chord is a chord in Tehran. It begins with the end of the kordestan Expressway and Shahid Gomnam Expressway. She is Chamran highway, Sheikh Fazl-Allah Nouri Expressway and Expressway Yadegar and reaches Ashrafi Isfahani highway.

Kordestan Expressway

Speed of Kurdistan in North-Bahr in Tehran, Iran. It starts with Niayesh highway and Hemmat highway passes and shall be of the chord, reaching Jala-e-Ale Ahamd chords and chord Gomnam Martyr.

Mahallati Expressway

Mahallati Expressway in the South-East of Tehran. This is from the Eastern part of the Panzdah-e-Khordad street Basij Mostazafin Expressway.

Modarres Expressway

Modarres highway, to the Iranian revolution in 1979, known as the Shahanshahi Expressway an Expressway in Tehran. It starts from the North of Tehran at the end of Chamran Expressway in Elahiyeh and goes South and ends in haft-e TIR square. It is ...

Northern Behesht-e Zahra Expressway

And Hasht-e-Zahra highway is a highway in the Northern part of Hasht-e Zahra cemetery connecting highway Tehran-Qom to the freeway.

Qale Morghi Expressway

Qale Morghi Expressway-this Expressway in southern Tehran. This is from the southern end of the chord Navvab in Tondguyan Expressway. It runs from the North-East Qale air force base Morghi.

Qasem Soleimani Expressway

Subject Expressway East-West Expressway in Tehran, Iran. It connects the Eastern districts of Tehran metropolis, including subject area, to Seyed Khandan in North Central Tehran and further to Western parts of greater Tehran. To be the tunnel was ...

Sadr Expressway

Sadr highway-a highway in the Northern part of Tehran, Iran. This highway runs South-West from the Modarres Expressway in Gholhak district of East through Gheytarieh, Dulat, Darrous, Chizar, and Ekhtiariyeh, at which point it crosses Pasdaran Ave ...

Saidi Expressway

Saidi Expressway the Expressway in the Western part of Tehran. It starts from Azadi square and passes Fath square, Qazvin St., Yaftabad St. and Zam-Zam square. Then he goes in a South-westerly direction Azadegan chords and Sava road.

Sayyad Expressway

Sayyad Expressway is an Expressway in Tehran. It starts from Babayi Expressway and ends in the street Sabalan. It is named in honor of the murdered Ali Sayad Shirazi chief of staff of the Iranian Armed forces during eight years of the Iran–Iraq war.

Shahid Haghani Expressway

Haghani highway Shahid is a Expressway in Tehran. It starts with the subject of the chord and ends in the square Vanak. The highway has 4 outputs with 3 irregular partial clover leaf and 1 round of movement. There are three lanes in either direct ...

Sheikh Fazl-allah Nouri Expressway

Sheikh Fazlollah Nouri Expressway starts from the end of Tehran-Karaj highway. It passes bakeri highway, Shahid Sattari highway, Mohammad Ali Jenah highway, Yadegar-e-Eman highway, Jalal-e-ale Ahmad Expressway is subject to speedy and Hemmat high ...

Tondguyan Expressway

Tondguyan Expressway in Tehran from the square States in the South-Eastern railway station Azadegan Tehran highway and Hasht-e Zahra Expressway.

Yadegar-e-Emam Expressway

Yadegaran Expressway located in the Western part of Tehran. Yadegaran means "memorial". It starts from Evin and goes a few kilometers to the West, then turns South and ends at the Azadi Avenue.

Yasini Expressway

Sarlashkar Yasini Expressway Shahid is a new Expressway in Tehran. It runs along the highway Tehran-Qom, in order to reduce traffic on the highway.

Zeinoddin Expressway

Zeioddin chord starts from the Western part of Tehran Yasini highway and goes West. She ends up on the street Pasdaran. In the area between Boulevard and Boulevard Hengam Parvin was opened on 15 October 2011 the last 5 km from the Boulevard Parvi ...

Boulevard Ring

The Boulevard ring is Moscows second centremost ring road. Boulevards, form a semicircular chain along the Western, Northern and Eastern sides of the historical White city of Moscow, in the South the incomplete ring is terminated by the embankmen ...

Tverskoy Boulevard

Tverskoy Boulevard is one of the main thoroughfares in Central Moscow. It is part of the Boulevard ring starts at the end of the Nikitsky Boulevard, at the intersection with Bolshaya Nikitskaya. The Boulevard ends at the Pushkin square and Tversk ...

Yauzsky Boulevard

On Yauzsky Boulevard is a major Boulevard in Central Moscow. The Boulevard runs from Vorontsovo pole street and Pokrovsky Boulevard to Moskvoretskaya embankment the Yauza river, hence the name Boulevard. The end of the important Boulevard ring, t ...

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