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Abbey of Saint Peter (Assisi)

St. Peters Abbey in Assisi, Italy, home to a small community of monks belonging to the congregation of the Benedictine Cassinese. They live by the rule of St. Benedict, summarized as "Ora Et Labora". Cistercian monks, the Cassinesi monks came fro ...

SantAgostino, Matelica

Comfortable accommodation in the Baroque style Roman Catholic Church located on via Umberto I, #29, facing Piazza Lorenzo Valerio, in Matelica, province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy.

SantAgostino, Rimini

Comfortable rooms is the Romanesque-Gothic style Roman Catholic Church located in via Cairoli in Rimini, Italy. This is one of the oldest Church buildings in Rimini.

SantAgostino, San Ginesio

Comfortable rooms is the Roman Catholic Church and ex-convent, located in the town of San ginesio, the province of Macerata in the Marche region, Italy. The complex for several years, is an elementary school, and the Church is now the civic audit ...

SantAndrea, Montecarlo (Tuscany)

The Church was built between 1332 and 1334 adjacent to the fortress to protect the newly formed city. The former town of Vivinaia was demolished by the Florentines, and, when its former residents moved to the language, they built this Church dedi ...

Santissima Annunziata, Pistoia

Church and convent of the Santissima Annunziata, in Baroque style, Roman Catholic Church located on the Piazza de Servi #4, Arezzo, region Tuscany, Italy. The monastery currently operates as a warehouse. The Church down through the Laudesi of San ...

Church of the Santissima Annunciata, Riccia

Church of Santissima Annunziata Annunciata or 14th-century Roman Catholic religious structure, located in Via Zaburri in the town of riccia, Campobasso in the Molise region, Italy.

Duomo di SantAntonio Martire, Fara in Sabina

The construction of this temple was started in the 13th century on the site of a small castle-affiliated Church called Santa Maria di Castello. The Church underwent various restorations over the centuries, and now its facade has an eclectic neo-c ...

Santa Maria Assunta, Calvi dellUmbria

Of the blessed virgin Mary-the main Catholic Church located on via Roma near the port of Ternana in Calvi dellUmbria, Terni province, Umbria, Italy. The Church was originally built in the second half of the 13th century. The original facade with ...

Santa Maria Assunta, Riccia

Santa Maria Assunta and Church of the assumption is a Roman Catholic Church located in the town of riccia, Campobasso in the Molise region, Italy.

San Biagio, Orte

The area was named in honor of the Church. The inscription on his stone bell tower dates back to 1253. In 1352, the Church and its property was assigned to the order of the hospital of Santo Spirito in Sahia. They acted the adjacent hospital rema ...

Iglesia del Carmen, Requena

Iglesia del Carmen, in the Gothic style and the Baroque style Roman Catholic Church located in Requena in Valencia province, Spain. The Church was originally attached to a 13th century Carmelite monastery. The walls are decorated in colorful tile ...

Chapelle Saint-Gibrien

Chapelle Saint-Gibrien is a historic chapel in Montcourt, Sauvigny, Meuse, France. It was built in the 13th century. It was named in honor of Saint Gibrian. When hamlet Moncourt was destroyed in the 15th century, the chapel was to guard the hermit.

Santa Chiara, Sansepolcro

Of Santa Chiara, the former comfortable accommodation is a former Roman Catholic Church located in Piazza Santa Chiara in Sansepolcro, province of Arezzo, region Tuscany, Italy. The Church now hosts cultural events. The work of the Church was mov ...

Chiesa dei Santi Marciano e Nicandro

Chiesa dei Santi Marciano e Nicandro Church in laquila in Central Italy. It was built in Romanesque style in the 13th century, and, after it was largely destroyed in an earthquake in 1703, it was rebuilt in the Baroque style. The Church was again ...

Church of San Esteban de Aramil

Church of San Esteban de Aramil Church, in the parish of Arami, Asturias, Spain. The Church is first mentioned in documents in 1240 and was declared a cultural monument in 1960.

Church of St Victor, Esino Lario

San Vittore is the parish Church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Milan in Esino Lario, province of Lecco, Italy. It is located on a rocky outcrop and is dedicated to Victor the moor who died about 303 in Milan.

Church of St. Pietro in Ortanella

San Pietro is the parish Church in Ortanella, a frazione of Esino Lario in province of Lecco in Lombardy, Northern Italy. It is located in a region adjacent to the trail, which connects Esino Lario, Lierna with, according to the natural geographi ...

San Domenico, Chieri

San Domenico in the Gothic style, the Church and monastery are located on via San Domenico #1 in Chieri, province of Turin, Piedmont region, Italy.

San Domenico, Arezzo

Basilica of San Domenico is a Gothic Church in Arezzo, Tuscany, Italy, dedicated to Saint Dominic. It is especially famous for housing a painted crucifix by Cimabue.

St. Nicholas Cathedral, Elblag

St. Nicholas Cathedral is a 13th century Gothic Church in elbląg, Poland. Established in circa 1247, the Church became Lutheran in 1573. It was damaged by fire in the late 18th century and suffered damage during the Second world war. He was eleva ...

Collegiate church of SantEsuperanzio, Cingoli

In the collegiata di San Esuperanzio late Romanesque and early Gothic, Roman Catholic Collegiate Church is located on Via SantEsuperanzio, North-West from the historical centre of cingoli, province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy. It is located ...

San Francesco, Volterra

The Church of San Francesco is an ancient Church Volterra in the province of Pisa. A simple stone Church was built in the 13th century for the Franciscan community. The interior is a marble monument to members of the aristocratic family of the co ...

San Francesco, Amelia

San Francesco-a Gothic-style Church is located in Amelia, province of Terni, region Umbria, Italy. The Church and adjacent monastery was built beginning in 1287, under the leadership of fra Bartolomeo, a Franciscan of the order of friars minor Co ...

San Francesco, Andria

The construction of the Church began in 1230, and was not completed until 1346. The interior has undergone a major refurbishment in the Baroque style in the 18th century. To the right of the presbytery is the chapel of Archiconfraternity from San ...

San Francesco dAssisi, Oria

The Church was built purchased shortly after a visit to the St. Francis. She seems to have been a small Church dedicated to the Madonna Di costantinopoli, and served the monks-Basilian. In 1219, the Franciscan monastery of the order was erected n ...

San Francesco, Deruta

San Francesco-a Gothic style Roman Catholic Church in Deruta, province of Perugia, region Umbria, Italy. It serves as the Cathedral or the main Church for the community. The Church was rebuilt after an earthquake in the 14th century and reconsecr ...

San Francesco, Lucignano

The Church is first mentioned as belonging to the Frati Minori in 1289. The Church with two tone travertine and Pietra Serena façade and the rose window in the center. The rounded portal is richly decorated with pilasters of the spiral. The apse ...

San Francesco, Matelica

The Church and monastery was originally erected in the mid 13th century, this Church, in Romanesque style, the portal remains. There was a reconstruction between 1653 and 1719, and created temples sober brick facade with monumental pilasters. In ...

San Francesco, Narni

Santa Francesco late Romanesque and Gothic style, Roman Catholic Church, located next to the Palazzo dei priori in Narni, Terni, Umbria, Italy. Simple square facade of the Church is dominated by an awkward wide, but the sculpted arches of the por ...

San Francesco, Pescia

Tradition says that in 1211, St. Francis, stayed three days in the house Orlandi Venancio which was located on via dei Forni. Orlandi to century, in turn, built a chapel on the spot where the tribune stands the Church. The construction of the Chu ...

San Francesco, Pienza

San Francesco-a Gothic-style Roman Catholic Church on the Corso Rosellino in the town of Pienza, province of Siena, region Tuscany, Italy. The Church was founded in the 13th century the Franciscans from the monastery of Corsignano. The exterior i ...

San Francesco, Potenza

The Church was built in 1274 with a high Gothic facade with a large round window. In the 16th century portal by monogram of San Bernardino da Siena. Among the works is the fresco depicting the Martyrdom of Saint Sebastian 1545-1566 Giovanni Todis ...

San Francesco, San Gemini

San Francesco-a Gothic-style Roman Catholic Church on the Piazza of the same name in the town of San Gemini, Umbria, Italy. In the 13th and 14th century a Church was erected by the Franciscan order and dedicated to Saint Francis, who visited the ...

San Francesco, Sansepolcro

The San Francesco Gothic Church and monastery located in the square of the same name in Sansepolcro, province of Arezzo, region Tuscany, Italy.

San Francesco, Tolentino

The Church was built in the 13th century. Some of the frescoes from this century remain, they seem to come from the Riminese artists. Among the frescoes moved here, and the "Madonna with child" from the Church of San Giacomo, attributed to the ma ...

San Giacomo, Cingoli

San Giacomo is a Roman Catholic Church and the Franciscan monastery is located at S. Paterniano Yes #4, outside of cingoli, province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy.

San Giovanni Battista, Lecco

San Giovanni Battista is a Roman Catholic Church building located in frazione Chiuso Lecco, region Lombardy, Italy. It is sometimes referred to as the Chiesa del Beato Serafino.

San Giovanni Battista, Monteleone di Fermo

The San Giovanni Battista Romanesque Roman Catholic Church located in the town of Monteleone Di Fermo, province of Fermo, region Marche, Italy.

Gualdo Tadino Cathedral

The Cathedral of Gualdo Tadino is a Roman Catholic Cathedral in the city of Gualdo Tadino in Umbria, Italy, dedicated to St. St. Benedict Of Nursia. The former Church of the Benedictine Abbey, it became a Cathedral in 1915, and now a co-Cathedral ...

Huesca Cathedral

Holy Transfiguration Cathedral, also known as the Cathedral of Saint Mary Huesca, is a Roman Catholic Church in Huesca, Aragon, North East Spain. It is the seat of the Bishop of Huesca. Its architecture is in Gothic style and its construction beg ...

Church of Nuestra Señora del Manzano, Castrojeriz

The Church of Nuestra Señora del Manzano or Iglesia de Santa maría del Manzano is a Catholic Church in the town of Castrojeriz, in the province of Burgos. The construction of the present building was begun in 1214, at the behest of Queen Berengar ...

SantIppolito e Cassiano in SantIppolito

St. Ippolito e Cassiano is a small medieval parish of the Roman Catholic Church, located in Sant Ippolito from Vernio, near the town of Vernio in the province of Prato, Tuscany, Italy.

Madonna della Scala, Oria

Madonna della Scala is the village Church or the chapel, carved in the grotto, about three kilometers South of the town of Oria, in the province of Brindisi, Apulia region, Italy. The building was built between the 13th and 14th centuries, althou ...

Santa Maria a Sicola

Sanctuary of Santa Maria a Sicola is a small Roman Catholic medieval Church from the Giudecca Vecchia, close to Forcella, the quartieri Pendino in Naples, Italy.

Santa Maria Assunta in Cielo, Vitorchiano

This Church was built in the second half of the 13th century. Later a bell tower and arched Windows and decorative columns. The facade has a large rose window. The interior has some deteriorated frescoes depicting the incredulity of Saint Thomas ...

Santa Maria Assunta, Sarnano

Santa Maria Assunta-Roman Catholic Collegiate Church situated on the Piazza Alta in Sarnano, province of Macerata, region Marche, Italy.

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta, Sermoneta

Collegiate Church of Santa Maria Assunta is a Gothic Church located in the town of Sermoneta, in southern Lazio, Italy. The Church often called the Cathedral, but it was never the seat of a Bishop. It is dedicated to the Dormition of the virgin Mary.

Santa Maria a Campi Bisenzio

Santa maría or Santa Maria Campi is a Roman Catholic parish Church located on Viale Lavagnini possible #26 In Campi Bisenzio, West of Florence, in the Tuscany region, Italy.

Santa Maria del Carmine, Naples

Santa Maria del Carmine is a Church in Naples, Italy. It is at one end of Market square, the center of public life in Naples for many centuries until it was cut off from the rest of the city urban renewal in 1900. The Church was founded in the 13 ...

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