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The Best of Keane

The best of Keane is the first official compilation of British band Keane. It was released on November 11, 2013 via Island. The album includes all singles of the group, the first four Studio albums, hopes and fears, under the iron sea, perfect sy ...

Best (Robert Earl Keen album)

The best, collection of folk-singer and songwriter Robert Earl keen, released by Koch Records on November 7, 2006. The album contains songs from six previous kings albums: no kind of dancer, a bigger piece of sky, No. 2 live dinner, farm fresh on ...

The Hits (Kelis album)

Hits is the first compilation album by American singer Kelis. It was released on March 1, 2008, by Jive Records and legacy recordings. It is final Kelis release with both Jive and Virgin records, before signing a contract to record album with Int ...

My Diary (R. Kelly album)

"Answer the phone" with the participation. Tyrese Gibson And Ludacris. "How many". ("Сколько") Africa. (Африка) "In the kitchen interlude". "Trapped in the closet Chapter 1". "You saved me" live version. "In the kitchen". ("На кухне") "Soldiers H ...

The R. in R&B Collection, Vol. 1

R. in R&amp B collection, vol. 1-the first compilation album released by contemporary R& B singer R. Kelly. The album has sold more than 3 million copies in the U.S. and 907.680 copies in the United Kingdom.

Hagnesta Hill

Hagnesta Hill is an album of Swedish band Kent, released in 1999 and 2000. For the English version two new songs, "Quiet heart" and "just money" was recorded, and "Ett tidsfordriv ATT do" and "Insekter" was ignored. It was the second and last alb ...

Boeckella shieli

The genus Boeckella contains 53 species, five of which are included in the list of vulnerable species in the IUCN Red list – the Australian endemics B. bispinosa, B. geniculata, B. nyoraensis and B. Shieli, B. calcaris from Bolivia and Peru.

More Than Words: The Best of Kevin Kern

More than words: best of Kevin Kern, or simply more than words, is the first compilation album from American new age pianist Kevin Kern. As with his previous and subsequent albums, this album of instrumental compositions. The compilation contains ...

The Best of Nik Kershaw

The best of Nik Kershaw album by nick Kershaw. It contains selected 12 inch mixes, b-sides, the album tracks and his hits. It is released under the music label of the International club.

The Hits Chapter 1 (Sammy Kershaw album)

Chapter 1 the hits is the first compilation album released by American country music artist Sammy Kershaw. It was released in 1995 on the record label mercury. The album consists of ten of the greatest hits from their first three Studio albums: f ...

The Hits Chapter 2

Chapter 2 hits is the second greatest hits album by American country music artist Sammy Kershaw. Analogue of his 1995 album the hits Chapter 1, it features eleven of the greatest hits from his fourth through sixth albums. No new material was reco ...

The Hits (Hal Ketchum album)

Hits is the name of the first album compilation by country music artist Hal Ketchum in 1996. He briefly appeared on Billboard s top country albums chart, reaching No. 43. Three songs were recorded for this collection, "satisfied mind", the Bob Fe ...

I Saw the Light (Hal Ketchum album)

I saw the light album 1998, American country singer Hal Ketchum. It was released on 19 may 1998, by curb records. The album reached number one, and the cover of Todd Rundgrens "I saw the light."


Suncity is the first release by American singer Khalid. It was released on 19 October 2018 on RCA records. He was supported by the single "better." The EP debuted at number eight on the Billboard 200.

Cre~Ole: The Best of Kid Creole & the Coconuts

CRE~OLE: the best of kid Creole and the coconuts-the first compilation album released by American musical group kid Creole and the coconuts. It was released on LP and cassette in 1984 and reached number twenty one on the UK charts. The CD edition ...

Stealin Beats EP

Beats EP was the debut release from the British band kid Galahad. Despite retaining the same line-up, the band changed their name in 2006 and is now known as thistles. The title track "stolen beats" was recorded in Studio and produced by Jim abbi ...

Fire It Up (EP)

Fire it up was released in December 1993, under the indie label continuum records. It originally appeared on cassette, CD and on 7" vinyl. After the success of Devil without a cause, kid Rock acquired the rights to fire and license to Atlantic re ...

Black Rooster (EP)

In 2001 the kills showcased new songs on a demo tape, however, a couple of missed approaches from major record labels. Recording as VV and hotel, they participated in the recording of the song "restaurant blouse" to the compilation if the twenty- ...

Suicide King

King suicide is the third Studio album by American heavy metal band King 810. Dated January 25, 2019 the work was published independently of the ensemble and produced by Josh Schroeder and David Gunn in Michigan.

Friday Night Explodes

"Friday night explodes" mini - album British glam rock band King Adora, released on 3 August 2001, high-quality recording. It was the final release from their debut album, vibrate you.

Surrender to the Blender

Espirito Du Carnival. (Карнавал Эспириту Дю) Be Warned. (Будьте Предупреждены) Intro. (Интро) Upright. (В вертикальном положении) To amuse the young and amaze the old. Day-To-Day. (День-В-День) The postman song the 2nd post. Someone to hate. (Ког ...

The Best of the Classic Years

The best of the classic years is a compendium of Nigerian musician King Sunny ade. He was released by shanachie in 2003. The album showcases a bluer, Ades pre-island recordings.

Ruff Rhymes: Greatest Hits Collection

Ruff rhymes: big hits collection the greatest hits of West coast hip hop artist King tee. It was released by Capitol records in 1998, three years after the King tees last album. It contains tracks from each of the king tees the first three albums ...

The Elle King EP

King EP singer Ellie king, her debut release, dated June 12, 2012. The song "hot cakes" was used as a theme song for mob wives Chicago. The second song that king wrote the banjo, "to be a man" was the song that got the king signed with RCA. King ...

Love Come Down: The Very Best of Evelyn King

Love come down: best of Evelyn "champagne" King greatest hits Evelyn king. It includes the songs "shame", "I dont know if it is right," "Love come down" and "I love you".

Everybody Glows B Sides & Rarities

All lights in the album kaki king, released on November 4, 2014. He has a collection of outtakes, demos, covers, live versions and tracks from the demo CD. The collection reveals the evolution of her songs while offering a look at a young guitari ...

Best of Kings X

Best of kings X is a compilation album by hard rock band Kings X. the Songs on this compilation, spanning a decade of discography, were selected by fans in an online survey.

The Best of the Decca Years

Writing for Allmusic, music critic cub code wrote of the album "although painted as a quaint café, a group of Christmas lights days of folk music, the history, the Kingston trio actually had pretty big ears for a wide range of materials, ranging ...

Kinksize Session

Kinksize session-the first mini-album released by the kinks in the UK in 1964, a month after their debut LP. The tracks were all exclusive to this release and includes several original compositions.

Darkside / Stay Awake

Sasuke / stay awake is the debut EP of the Australian band Kisschasy, released on 1 March 2004. Sasuke / stay awake was compiled with Cara and it was released in 2004 as fire in the wind in Japan.

Now or Never (Brett Kissel album)

"Now or never" has eight tracks, including jellys debut American single, "Drink me." Kissel noted how he included songs of different styles from traditional country music, canadian country and pop country. Kissel said that some of the songs found ...

Capsule: The Best of KOD 1988–94

Capsule: the best 1988-94 code is a compilation album by the British alternative rock / dream pop group kitchens of distinction. Two disk set was released by one little Indian records 21 April 2003. The first disc contains some of the best songs ...


Morphscape. Space Living. (Пространство Гостиной) Freaks inside. (Уроды внутри) Defunkt. Morphunk. Cybertek. (Кибертек) Virus. (Вирус) Wanna Rock Yo Body. Mode. (Режим) Blaster. (Бластер) All songs were written and performed by Frank klepacki.

Love Soul: Soul UK Live EP

Love Soul: Soul UK live EP-mini-album released by British soul singer Beverley knight. It consists of three original covers of songs heatwave, Jaki Graham, and the Princess, with the Deluxe version on iTunes, containing the fourth track, original ...

Voice – The Best of Beverley Knight

Voice – the best of Beverley knight is the debut Studio album by British R&amp record B singer and songwriter Beverley knight, released in the UK on 20 March 2006 by Parlophone. The collection includes twelve in the British Top 40 singles, includ ...

The Trawlermans Song

The Trawlermans song mini-album by British singer-songwriter and guitarist Mark Knopfler, dated April 26, 2005 on mercury records. The EP contains a version of the album "Trawlermans Song" from the 2004 album Shangri-La and live in-Studio version ...

Best: Third Universe

Best: third universe is the third greatest hits album record Japanese artist Kumi code. It was released as a double album with her eighth Studio album, universe 3 Feb 2010 by rhythm zone. The greatest hits album included singles between may 2006 ...

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