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Most of All: The Best of Deborah Harry

Most importantly: the best of Deborah Harry is a compilation of recordings by Deborah Harry, released by chrysalis records in 1999. The compilation gathers material from Harriss four solo albums for the chrysalis label, KooKoo, Rockbird, Def, Dum ...

Gentle On My Mind and Other Originals

Gentle on my mind and other originals album folk, country and bluegrass musician and songwriter, John Hartford. It was released on RCA Victor in 1968. The album was recorded in Orc "Nashville sound" Studio in Nashville, Tennessee.

Aka/Darbari/Java: Magic Realism

Aka / Darbari / Java: magic realism is a 1983 album by American trumpeter and composer John Hassell released on editions eg. It was produced by Daniel Lanois and features Abdou MBoup on the reels.

That They May Know You

What do they know that you are is the debut EP and the release of Christian metal band haste the day. It was the only album that was released independently.

Under the Knife

Under the knife is a compilation EP by the American band album, released in 1996 by smorgasbord records. It consists of bands first 7 inch release, also titled under the knife, as well as three new demo tracks. It has been reprinted several times ...

Gold Stars 1992–2002: The Juliana Hatfield Collection

Gold Stars 1992-2002: the Juliana Hatfield collection-a collection of hits by Juliana Hatfield, released in 2002. It also includes a previously unreleased recording.

Midwesterners: The Hits

The entire Midwest: the hits is the first greatest hits album of songs by American rock band Hawthorne heights. It was released November 9, 2010, on Victory records, without the participation of the group. Compilation-this is their last release o ...

Night & Day (Gemma Hayes album)

Vinyl was released in March of 2014 and features ten unique live recordings taken from her concerts in the Olympia theatre Dublin & octopus, and the library of St. Giles-in-the-fields recorded in 2012. Vinyl release was a part of her music 2013-2 ...

Korp Sole Roller

Korp sole roller is the fourth Studio album by American artist Liam Hayes, released in 2014 on broken horse records and recorded within one year with producer Pat Sansone in Chicago. Sweet, sometimes a bit glam rock songs Careen around the ornate ...

Wildlife (Headlights album)

1. Phone - 4:09 2. Secrets - 3:24 3. You and eyes - 3:42 4. Go - 2:39 5. A love song for friends - 3:15 6. I dont mind at all - 3:48 7. Dead ends - 3:49 8. The Beaches Of Wisconsin - 3:19 9. Were All The Animals - 5:06 10. Teenage Wonder - 3:40 1 ...

The Greatest Fits

The greatest fashion in 2001 the greatest hits of canadian rock band, headstones. The compilation includes two new songs, "blowtorch" and "come on." "Forward" was used as the theme to the canadian sketch show, Comedy Inc.

Higher and Higher – The Best of Heaven 17

The collection includes the singles heaven 17C of the first four Studio albums Penthouse and pavement 1981, 1983 the luxury gap, how men are 1984 and 1986 pleasure, plus two new remixes, which were released as singles: "temptation" brothers in rh ...

Upon Promeathean Shores (Unscriptured Waters)

On Promeathean shores EP and the first Studio release by British symphonic black metal band Hecate enthroned. It was released on blackened recordings on July 7, 1995. This is essentially their ode for a haunted wood demo* redesigned and released ...

The Best of Hefner

The best of Hefner collection of the best songs by the British indie rock band Hefner. It was released through fortune and Glory records in 2006. The booklet was written by Jack Hayter.

Pirate Prude

Pirate prude was the debut EP from American indie rock band helium. It was released March 8, 1994, on Matador records. Its subject matter of prostitution.

Deep Cuts: the Best Of

Deep cuts is a compilation album by the canadian hard rock group helix. This is their 12th official release, and their third album. He collects music from his early career Indy, as well as their catalog with Capitol Records and rare tracks.

Unsung: The Best of Helmet (1991–1997)

Unsung: the best helmet is the helmet collection in its original form, consisting of vocalist / guitarist page Hamilton, bassist Henry Bogdan, drummer John Stanier, and guitarists Peter mengede Rob Echeverria. It was released in early 2004, ahead ...

Actual Miles: Henleys Greatest Hits

Actual miles: t-shirt greatest hits first greatest hits album by American singer-songwriter don Henley, released in 1995. The album was the first compilation album released by Henley and it covered all the hits from his three solo albums during t ...

The Very Best of Don Henley

The very best of don Henley is the second greatest hits album by don Henley, released in 2009 and his first release since Inside job in 2000. Deluxe version containing additional bonus tracks and DVD material is also available. The first 10 songs ...


Hermania is the first EP artist Hermans hermits, released in 1965 in the UK on EMI / Columbia. All the content was included in the American version of the debut album by the band Hermans hermits.

The Most of Hermans Hermits Volume 2

The most of Hermans hermits volume 2-a collection of hits released in the UK on EMI records budget label Music for pleasure for Hermans hermits in 1972.

The Most of Hermans Hermits

The most of Hermans hermits title greatest hits album released in the UK on EMI records budget label Music for pleasure for Hermans hermits in 1971. The name refers to producer Mickey most and was first used for most of the animals in 1966. This ...

The Very Best of Hermans Hermits

The best Hermans hermits title greatest hits album released in the UK on EMI records budget label Music for pleasure for Hermans hermits in 1984. The albums last track on side 2, the cover version of David Bowies "Oh you pretty things" is not Her ...

This Is Ty Herndon: Greatest Hits

This is Ty Herndon: greatest hits is a collection of greatest hits, released in 2002 by country music artist Ty Herndon. Its only single was the previously unreleased "a few short years." Shortly before the albums release, Herndon charted at #37 ...

Circles (Heroes & Zeros album)

Circles is the EP album by the indie rock group heroes & zeros, released in may 2006. The lyrics were written by Hans jørgen Undelstvedt, all music by Hans jørgen Undelstvedt, Lars Loberg Tofte, and Arne Kjelsrud Mathisen.

John Hicks (album)

The album was recorded at different fur Studio, San Francisco, may 1982. "This album has four numbers trio with vibraphonist Bobby Hutcherson and bassist Walter Booker, a trio of unaccompanied piano solo and piano duet versions of the leaders aft ...

Luminous (John Hicks and Elise Wood album)

The first recording session was on July 31, 1985, in new York. In addition to John Hicks on piano and flute to Alice wood, bassist Walter Booker and drummer Jimmy Cobb played on three tracks and tenor saxophonist Clifford Jordan played on two. At ...

Single Petal of a Rose

The album was recorded at Mapleshade Studio, upper Marlboro, Maryland, in June 1992. The musicians are pianist John Hicks, flutist Elise wood, bassist Walter Booker, and guest trumpeter Jack Walrath.

Tribute to George Adams

Tribute to George Adams-album the new York band, consisting of pianist John Hicks, drummer Tatsuya Nakamura, bassists Santi Debriano, or Richard Davis and tenor saxophonists, including George Adams. It was recorded in 1991 and 1992.

Greatest Hits (Hi-Five album)

Hi-five greatest hits is the first compilation album by the American band Hi-five. It was released October 11, 1994 on Jive records shortly after the dissolution of the group. It consists of the hit singles from the first three albums, released b ...

Video G∞ver

Video G∞ver is a high and mighty color video compilation released in 2006. It included the promotion videos for pride, over, run and days as well as advertising TV-videos for individual singles and alternative versions. All four songs were part o ...

Greatest Hits (Highway 101 album)

Greatest hits is the first compilation album by the American band highway 101. This collection of their previous hits also included two new songs: "someone elses misfortune" and "change".The rest of the album was filled with four songs from highw ...

There Youll Be (album)

There you will be a very big international hits country music singer faith hill. It was released 8 October 2001 in the United Kingdom and Australia only due to the success of the hills the last of the singles from the album Faith and breathe. The ...

XX – Two Decades of Love Metal

XX – two decades of Love metal is a compilation album by Finnish band, he released 26 October 2012 in Europe and November 6 2012 in the U.S. featuring all of the groups singles from 1997 to 2010, as well as a cover of the song "strange world", or ...


Tupest this greatest hits compilation from the Bulgarian rock band after released in 2000 under the Riva sound label, the bands, the fifth and last release with this company. The name is a pun from Tyup - Bulgarian for "stupid", and is, an excell ...

Greatest Hits (Robyn Hitchcock and The Egyptians album)

Best hits collection of materials of Robin Hitchcock and the Egyptians from&amp M period 1988-1992, covering the albums globe of frogs, Queen Elvis, Perspex island and respect. The collection also includes a variety of hard to find b-sides, which ...

Tussles in Brussels

Disagreements in Brussels is a live DVD released by Swedish punk rock band the hives. The concert was recorded October 29, 2004 at ancienne Belgique, while the band was on tour in Brussels, Belgium. The DVD also includes extras such as four music ...

The Best of Allan Holdsworth: Against the Clock

The best of Allan Holdsworth: against the clock double album by guitarist Allan Holdsworth, released on 17 may 2005, via universal music, Alternity records and JMS–cream records. The second disc contains predominantly synthaxe on the basis of the ...

The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever! The Allan Holdsworth Album Collection

The Man Who Changed Guitar Forever! Collection album Allan Holdsworth-the box set English jazz fusion guitarist Allan Holdsworth. It was released on Manifesto records on April 7, 2017. In a 12-CD compilation contains remastered versions 11 Studio ...

The Complete Commodore & Decca Masters

Complete Commodore & dekka masters-3 CD box set of recordings of Billie holiday, released on hip-o records in 2009, processing all the master takes released as a single 78rpm Commodore and Decca records. It includes essays by Ashley Kahn.

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